Wooden Spoon vs. Silicone Spoon

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A wooden spoon is common in many home kitchens and also in professional restaurants. It is hard to walk into a kitchen and fail to find one.

However, in recent years, silicone spoons were introduced into the market, and they are also finding their place in cooking stores due to their ease and rainbow of colors.

This makes you wonder which one is better between a wooden spoon and silicone.

Maybe you are not sure whether to continue staying old school with a wooden spoon or try a silicone one, don’t fret—this article explores the best use of each spoon as well as their downsides.

Why use wooden spoons?

Wooden spoons are usually made from lightweight and heavy materials such as walnut, beech, oak, or maple.

They come with a firm and sturdy handle making them ideal for various cooking activities.

You can use a wooden spoon to mash, stir, or scrape things in a pot. Here are some top reasons to have this spoon in your kitchen.

  • High heat tolerance- A wooden spoon won’t melt if you stir something extremely hot or even when it rests on a hot pan.
  • High strength.-The spoon can stir thick food and also scrape things from the bottom of pans without breaking.
  • It is gentle- Wood is a gentle material, and therefore, you can use it to scrape or stir nonstick or delicate copper cookware and other dishes without scratching them.
  • Keeps the temperature uniform- A wooden spoon will change the temperature of whatever food you are cooking. It is ideal for foods that must be cooked at a precise temperature. It ensures consistency and doesn’t alter the taste of your food.
  • No reactivity-Wooden spoons are non-reactive; it is a common problem with metallic spoons. This means your wooden spoon will give your food a metallic taste or change its flavor in any way. This type of spoon is the best when looking for purity in any recipe.

The drawbacks of wooden spoons are that you cannot put them in a dishwasher since they can crack from the high temperature.

Their lifespan is shorter than silicone spoons, and they are somewhat difficult to wash due to their fibrous material.

Why use silicone spoons?

Silicone spoons are made of silicone rubber and come in handy in the kitchen due to their aesthetic appeal and flexibility. Here is why you should use silicone spoons in your kitchen.

  • Stain-resistant-The non-porous property of silicone makes it stain-resistant. Therefore, it does not retain colors or odors when used to stir highly-colored foods.
  • Easier to clean or wash-Unlike wooden spoons, which are fibrous and may harbor microbial growth, silicone spoons are safe to contact food.
  • High-heat resistant-Silicone spoons have a heat resistance of about 600 degrees Fahrenheit. In case you accidentally leave the spoon in the cooking pot, you should not worry that it can melt.
  • It is non-corrosive, and a non-reactive-Silicone spoon is safe to use in any food since it does not react or corrode. It can, therefore last longer.
  • User-friendly- Silicone spoons are rubbery, which makes them perfect for nonstick surfaces. These spoons cook smoothly with nonstick pans and pots. You can use this spoon to scrape cake batter on a mixing bowl or stir foods without fear of scratching the surface.

The downside of using a silicone spoon is that its handle can be somewhat too flexible for some tasks. It also gets stained easily, and some food remnants stick too hard. You may have to hand washed it despite being dishwasher safe.

Which is better?

The decision on which type of spoon to shop for will depend on the type of cooking you want, the cookware you have, and whether it is worth to buy.

Wooden spoon vs. silicone reveals that these two have a lot of similarities. The differences are limited, and you can easily use one instead of the other.

The best one between these two types of spoons is determined the task at hand.


Ultimately, both the wooden spoons and silicone may co-exist in your kitchen by complementing each other.

However, to keep your spoon in good condition, wash it correctly according to its material.

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