When To Throw away Nonstick Pans

When To Throw away Nonstick Pans

It’s important to know when you should throw away your nonstick pans.

At one point in time, the Teflon coating of your pan breaks down. Your nonstick pan begins to warp and flake off.

That is when you need to throw them away. Check on the following signs of nonstick pans asking you to stop using them:

  • Your Non-Stick Pan is Warped:

Do you cook things on a very high flame on your pan? Do you cool that heated pan by letting cold water run on it in the sink immediately after that?

You have been mistreating your pan. It will start distorting its figure in protest.

Yes, it is not unhealthy to cook and eat from a warped nonstick pan. However, if you are a cooking enthusiast, you already know that uncomfortable feeling.

Also, your food will not get even heating, and that will compromise its taste.

  • Scratched:

Warped pans may not pose a threat, and you still have the option to keep them. However, a scratched nonstick pan does not give you an option anymore. It is time to throw them away.

If you continue to cook on a scratched nonstick pan, the coating can flake off. Consuming flaked pan coating bits along with food is not going to be a good experience.

Those tiny black bits on your food are not going to be pretty or tasty.

Your Non-Stick Pan Has Dark Discoloration:

Sometimes discoloration is usually just the built-up food that accumulates with time.

However, if you have used your pan extensively for a long time, your dark discoloration can mean something else.

Nonstick pan shows dark discoloration when the coating is destroyed.

  • Food sticks On your pan:

A nonstick pan is designed to help you cook with no food sticking to it. It is a different case if you are over roasting your cooked potatoes or tomatoes in it with no oil.

However, normal stir-fries are not supposed to be sticking on the surface. If they do time and again, this means your coating is damaged.


If you are wondering why you should throw away your nonstick pans, please note that it is not a compulsion.

It does not have an expiry date like food that you need to throw away after a certain period.

It is okay to keep them for years if you use them just once or twice in months.

However, if it has been your go-to pot every day, you need to check for the damage signs.

Flaking, discoloring, and warping are signs of the aging of a pan. Continuing to use these damaged ones is not a good idea.

When you see these signs, you need to throw them away.

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