What To Use Instead Of Ziploc Bags

What to use instead of Ziploc bags: Know the alternatives

Ziploc bags are commonly used to pack food, be it tiffin or lunches. Food kept in such bags remains fresh and consumable. But your existing Ziploc bags may have got damaged or torn beyond repair. In such a case, it is quite natural for you to be worried about how to store food in a safe way.

What are the available solutions?

You can easily come across several reusable, eco-friendly alternatives to the otherwise expensive single-use plastic bags. Ranging from Mason Jars to Stasher Bags to beeswax Bags, these are amazing eco-friendly options to choose from.

Alternative options for storage purposes:

Mason Jars:

These jars can be used to toss in leftovers. You can simply grab it and heat it the next day.

Stainless-steel container:

This reusable, plastic-free option can easily meet storage needs. It is also durable and keeps your food fresh for a long time. The reason is that metal acts as an extra coolant.

Pyrex Dishes:

Such glass containers can be kept comfortably in the refrigerator and turn its temperature by a degree. They are quite easy to clean, use, and also microwavable. You can store leftover meals in them without any worry.

Alternative options for Lunches:

Beeswax Wraps:

They are considered to be the perfect reusable option designed with all-natural ingredients. It can effortlessly fit containers of all sizes and shapes. It can replace saran wrap also. It is easy and super quick to use.

Stasher Silicone bag:

This food bag is a hot favorite among many people. They are reusable as well as dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe. You can also steam vegetables and fish in it. These bags are available in the market in different exciting colors and can be used repeatedly without the food getting spoiled.

Mason Jars:

They are easy to prepare, durable, and whipped out at lunch effortlessly. They are also awesome storage spaces for overnight oats, lunch salads, noodle cups, and other recipes.

Metal Lunchbox:

They are trendy, reusable, durable, and easy. You can toss lunch in easily, take it along and wash it later after use.

Stasher silicone food bags

Stasher silicone food bags are considered to be an all-time favorite. Being BPA-free, they can be tossed within the lunchbox, microwave, frozen, or oven. It can also be dish-washed used repeatedly. It is also available in various sizes.


With these alternatives, you not only will be able to save money but also can consume hundreds of recipes of your choice. They may also save the day if headed out for an outing or picnic.

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