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What Is a Straight Edge Spatula Used For?

What Is a Straight Edge Spatula Used For ?

Straight edge spatulas (also known as flat edge spatulas) are a common type of spatula, and feature a flat and straight edge.

Designs and Materials

It may be made of stainless steel, silicone, or wood, but the most common straight edge spatulas are stainless steel. The main uses of this spatula are to frost cakes and to help measure ingredients. They are not typically used for cooking in a skillet or flipping or turning foods.

A straight edged spatula is available in various designs, but it has a long handle in most cases. The handles are made of different materials, including silicone, polymer, and wood, to choose the grip you feel most comfortable using.

In addition to a completely straight design, straight edged spatulas are also available in an offset design, also called a bent edge spatula.

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Classic Straight Edge Spatula
Classic Straight Edge Spatula with Offset Design

Uses of a straight edge spatula

  • Straight edge spatula helps in frosting cakes or spreading toppings over the food being prepared, for example, cookies. The slightly flexible blade aids in applying and making toppings appear smooth.
  • Helps in measuring foods-when you need to level off the dry ingredients in a measuring cup or spoon; you can use the straight-edge spatula.

Factors to consider when buying straight edge spatula

  • When buying a product, it is always important to consider the material. A stainless steel straight spatula with either a rubber or wood handle is a good option.
  • A more modern choice is for either the blade or the entire spatula to be made from silicone. Silicone is non-stick safe, dishwasher safe, and extra easy to clean
  • Plastic straight edge spatulas are the least durable option and may not survive your dishwasher. We don’t recommend plastic straight edge spatulas.
  • The strength of the blade. A thin, flexible, strong blade will provide the best results when applying icing.
  • Consider getting a spatula with a well-shaped handle, which is comfortable to hold when frosting big cakes.
Bent Edge Spatula
Straight Edge Spatula / Bent Edge Spatula

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Pros of a straight edge spatula

  • Stainless steel and silicone are both material choices that provide corrosion free long life.
  • Stainless steel and silicone spatulas are reasonably priced, and when you consider that either choice can last a lifetime, they are a great value.
  • Both excellent materials are dishwasher safe and require no special care.

How to care for the spatula

  • Because of the simple design and excellent materials of construction, straight edge spatulas require no special care. If you have a straight edged spatula with a wooden handle, you may have to hand wash and dry it.

Given their value and durability, every kitchen should have a straight edge spatula.