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What Is a Slotted Spoon Used For

A slotted spoon can be defined in simple words as a spoon with holes. It is a spoon required in every kitchen because of its unique uses.

These spoons have round, long rectangles or vertical openings that are close to each other.

What Is a Slotted Spoon Used For In The Kitchen ?

Use include serving foods from broths and stocks, serving vegetables and fruits straight from the can etc. Basically, any situation where one needs to remove whole foods from liquid without removing the liquid too.

There is also another almost similar spoon that people tend to be mistaken for a perforated spoon. It is for the small food pieces including minced garlic, peas, and chopped onions.

History of the slotted spoon

The first slotted spoon was made in the 17th century. They were used in the preparation of hallucinogenic and strong alcoholic drinks including absinthe.

This drink was highly potent and quite different from its modern version. In fact, the slotted spoon was called green or absinthe fairy’s spoon.

Its main purpose was to hold sugar cubes which were used to enrich the flavor of a drink.

Uses of a Slotted Spoon

  • The main purpose of a slotted spoon is to drain broth, juice, and liquids.
  • Serving vegetables comfortably without including the liquids
  • Lifting pieces of chicken or any other meat from grease or stock
  • Removing different types of fried foods from grease
  • Picking potatoes from boiling water
  • Getting your shrimp out of boiling water
  • Removing French fries out of hot oil
  • Get ice out of a punch
  • Stake pasta from boiling water
What are Slotted Spoons used for?
What are Slotted Spoons used for?

Slotted Spoon Materials

Slotted spoons are made of different materials. The most common ones are steel and wood. You choose what to use depending on personal taste or how often you will be using the slotted spoon.


Wooden slotted spoons are friendly to most cookware sets. You can use the spoon with nonstick and steel cooking surfaces.

They tend to cost a little more than their steel counterpart. However, wooden spoons are not safe to toss to the dishwasher and tend to rot if not dried properly.

They can also break and get burn if exposed to fire.

Stainless Steel

A stainless steel slotted spoon lasts longer than the wooden or plastic versions. It can also be washed in the dishwasher because are strong and will not break.

They are ideal for hot cooking but can get hot when exposed to direct fire. The best thing is that it does not catch flame or melt.

Plastic / Resin

Plastic spoons are easy to use and quite economical. You have to be careful when using them because they will melt or get disfigured when placed on a hot stove or any hot surface.

Shapes of slotted spoons

Most slotted spoons come in ladle shape and are used as serving spoons.

The ladle shape enables you to pick large quantities of food while leaving the liquid or broth out. You can also use a slotted spoon to serve food on the dining table.

How to Buy a Slotted Spoon

  • Make sure you buy a dishwasher safe slotted spoon
  • Get an economical one
  • Ensure its made of durable and sturdy material
  • A long handle is the best for easy cooking and a stable grip


A slotted spoon is unique and though was initially made by absinthe drinkers; the design has been improved over the years.

The slots create some currents when you stir the liquid. It is an important spoon in the kitchen for preparation and serving foods. They drain liquids and preserve large chunks of your food.