What is a skillet used for?

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Top Uses For a Skillet in the Kitchen

A skillet is one kitchen tool that every home cook should have. The shear versatility of the pan is enough of a reason to have one in your home.

Today we take a good look at the skillet: its many uses and some tried and true dishes that will have you and your guests smiling ear to ear.

Skillets are generally known for making stir-fries, roasting vegetables, roasting steak, frying eggs, deep/shallow frying foods, and making cornbread.

As long as you own a skillet, you will find it easy to handle various recipes and achieve the desired results.

The best skillet pan should be made of cast iron to provide you with constant and even heat

. Read on to know more about the uses of a skillet.

Roasting meat

A cast-iron skillet will roast your meat perfectly. It is different from the light versions of the pan that tend to have fluctuating heat and hot spots.

You can use this pan to roast, sear or brown your steak.

It can give you delicious steak similar to what you buy in your local steakhouse.

You simply place the pan on your stove and use high heat or place it in the oven and allow it to heat.

Place your steak on the pan and leave to cook properly before flipping it.

Follow your recipe instructions to achieve your preferred doneness.

Making pizza

If you own a skillet pan, you make pizza at home.

You can buy ready to cook pizza dough and toppings, and it will take you about 30 minutes to have it ready.

This pan will bring delicious pizza to your home without worrying about placing an order or waiting for delivery.

Making cornbread

A skillet pan is known for making cornbread. Nothing makes this bread taste quite as delicious as a skillet pan.

Just look for different cornbread recipes and try them out with your pan, including stovetop and oven made cornbread. It delivers tasty bread with crispy edges and bottom.


A skillet pan has an excellent ability to hold heat, making a great alternative when making stir-fries.

However, you need a pan that maintains heat consistently for you to achieve the desired results.

Roasting vegetables

If you love roasting vegetables with a nice crunchy taste, a skillet pan comes in handy.

When vegetables come into contact with the hot surface of a skillet, they brown without burning.


Cornbread is delicious but has to make using the right steps and equipment for excellent results.

You can add buttermilk, sweet milk, bacon, or any other ingredient and cook on a stovetop or oven. A skillet pan will deliver a delicious crisped cornbread.

Pressed sandwich

If you are craving a sandwich but do not have an electric sandwich maker, your skillet pan can come in handy.

Just oil or butter your bread and add your preferred ingredients before placing it on a pre-heated pan.

However, you have to press down the sandwich to enable it to cook well. In a few minutes, you will have a delicious pressed-sandwich.


Using a skillet pan is the best way to go when looking forward to making a big batch of bacon. It makes not only delicious bacon but also the smartest pieces.

However, unlike most foods, when making bacon with a skillet pan, you should place your pieces while the pan is still cold.

This allows it to cook with the oil accumulated at the bottom of the pan as it cooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name skillet?

Skillet refers to a traditional cooking pot type that has legs.

According to experts, the name originated from a French word, escuellete, which means a small dish obtained from scutella, a Latin word meaning a serving platter.

Why choose a skillet made of cast iron?

Proportional heating means a lot when cooking, and cast iron pans offer exactly that. You can concentrate on your cooking without worrying about hot spots that easily burn your food.

Are there foods that cannot be cooked in a skillet?

Yes, some foods will ruin your skillet.

For example, smelly things such as fish, garlic, cheese, or pepper will leave their aroma in your pan and influence the taste of other foods that you cook with it.

A skillet has many uses in the kitchen.

The above uses are just a few of them. Feel to explore different recipes as long as they do not ruin your skillet.

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