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What is a rubber spatula used for?

A rubber spatula is one very versatile kitchen utensil. The rubber spatula uses include stirring, mixing, scraping mixture from the bottom of bowls and blenders, and much more.

What is a rubber spatula used for?

The addition of the rubber spatula to the American kitchen made life a lot easier for the home cook and aspiring home chef.

Problem – When baking and preparing different dishes, mixtures tend to get stuck or are hard to scrape from the bottom of bowls and mixers. Enter the rubber spatula.

With a wooden handle and bendy blade-like ends, its ability to reach the areas and do the job that other spatulas and mixing spoons could only dream of.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the different uses for the rubber spatula and reveal just how valuable it can be to the home kitchen.

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Transfer of cake and thick liquids from the mixer to bowl

This may seem like a rather easy task but scarping the last bits can always seem to be a problem.

You see, as us home cooks know, the remaining batter or mixture is rather hard to remove without the good old rubber spatula.

  • Cleaning out Jars

Once again the rubber spatula saves the day when needing to clean out the last remanence of Jars.

Such as peanut butter, mayonnaise and jam just to name a few. We’ve all been there trying to scrape out the last bits with a knife and it doesn’t work very well at all.

  • Assisting in the cleaning of non stick items.

One of the great things about rubber spatulas is that they won’t scratch or damage your nonstick pans.

Sometimes there may be a situation where you need to use a little elbow grease to remove a burnt piece of food and that is where the rubber spatula can do the job without scratching the nonstick surface.

What is a Rubber Spatula used for?
What is a Rubber Spatula used for?

What should I look for when purchasing a rubber spatula?

It’s important to purchase a rubber spatula that is at a higher price range in my opinion.

This is because they don’t tend to last very long anyway, but the cheaper ones will wear out and need to be replaced quick smart.

There are one and two-piece spatulas on the market, and I prefer the one-piece as I find they don’t wear out as quickly.

On the 2 piece ones, the head is detachable and tends to accumulate grime which is another reason I prefer the 1 piece variety.

Where can I purchase a rubber spatula?

There are many outlets that sell them, as I’m sure you know, Amazon has a big variety online and can deliver to your door. Offline stores such as Target and Walmart will of course have a variety to choose from.

In conclusion, I hope it’s obvious that there are many rubber spatula uses, and every kitchen should have one.