What Is A Clay Pot Used For Cooking?

What Is A Clay Pot Used For Cooking

Clay pots, also known as earthen pots, are made of clay and are generally placed on an oven or buried pits for cooking food. One can also put them on gas stoves.

A clay pot is generally used for cooking regional and traditional dishes.

Clay pots are available in various designs, shapes, and sizes and are available with lids or without. Clay pots that are left unglazed come with a lid and handle and are not perfect for cooking in high temperatures.

Glazed clay pots, on the other hand, are made of “flameproof” clay.  These pots have a smooth surface with a shiny look.

The best part with a glazed clay pot is that it can cook food at very high temperatures without getting cracked. Hence these pots are perfect for all types of modern oven and gas stoves.

Why use a clay pot for cooking?

When cooked in clay pots, foods bear an excellent earthy taste and aroma, adding to the richness of the delicacy.

The main concept of cooking in a clay pot is that clay pots help retain the oil and add moisture to the food while being cooked.

What makes a clay pot a healthy option to cook food?

•          Cooking in a clay pot proves to be highly beneficial. The first reason is that when food is cooked in clay pots, steam is circulated inside the pot throughout the cooking process. This helps retain the moisture ending up with very less requirement of oil in cooking.

•          The other interesting fact is that clay being alkaline helps maintain PH balance hence acting as a neutral detoxifier. 

•          Cooking in clay pots also locks in important nutrients to the food like magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and even Vitamin B12, making the food healthy.

•          The cooking process in clay pots is time-consuming, and that is why the nutrients are kept intact, making the food healthy and excellent in taste!

•          Another fascinating fact of cooking food in a clay pot is that since it maintains a stable temperature for a prolonged period, there is no necessity to reheat it. Foods tend to lose their nutritional value if reheated.

Cookware made of other materials like plastics is toxic, especially when they contact heat. They eventually prove to be fatal when used for a prolonged period.

However, clay pots are not at all toxic. It is the safest and most reliable option for people, especially those who are vegans who believe in organic living.

Precautions that need to be followed before using clay pots

There are certain things that one should remember before and while using clay pots.

•          One should not preheat an empty clay pot for long, or else it might lead to cracking. Low and medium heat is perfect for cooking in clay pots.

•          Once the cooking is done, cold water should not be poured into the hot empty container, leading to cracking because of sudden temperature changes. Wash the pot only when it cools down to some extent.

•          Never use detergent to wash clay pots as these pots are porous, and the detergent solution tends to seep in through the pores, which can be hazardous for health.

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