What Can You Use Instead Of A Dutch Oven?

A Dutch oven can be substituted by a stockpot, crockpot, an instant pot, or an electric tabletop dryer.

The best substitute must have a tight-fitting lid with a heavy base that should be usable on the stovetop and the oven.

What is a Dutch oven?

Obviously you know, as you need a substitute. It just helps to clarify as then we can suggest the best solution.

A Dutch oven does a lot of cooking in the kitchen because it can be used in the oven and on a stovetop.

This allows you to try out various recipes using this single tool.

The pot is heavy and usually made of heavy cast iron, enamel, or pure clay. It can be used at home to bake and outdoors on a campfire to cook.

A Dutch pot absorbs heat well and can simmer all-day or keep food warm for hours. They are suitable for making meals such as soups, fried foods, casseroles, sauces, and baking bread or cookies.

4 Top Substitutes of a Dutch oven


A stockpot can be used instead of a Dutch oven.

It has tall sides and can be as big as 8-quart. It is a perfect pot for boiling pasta, sauces, stews, bone broth, or any other food you want to make in a Dutch oven.

For a one-person meal, you can get a small stockpot of 2 or 3 quarts.

A stockpot can also be used in the oven, but it depends on the material used in making it.

Recipes, including braised meat dishes, require you to transfer the pot to an oven, but where it’s not possible; all cooking can be finished on a stovetop under low heat.


A crock pot is a popular cooking appliance in the US. By 2019, a report published in Consumer Reports estimates that more than 8.7 million crock pots were sold within 12 months.

The appliance is easy to use; you simply set and leave it to cook as you attend other tasks.

It allows you to cook any food you can make in a Dutch oven, but without using an oven. All you need is to adjust the setting to fit your recipe.

You can use your crockpot to make braised meals, including pulled pork, lamb shanks, along with stews and soups.

The best thing about a crockpot is that it keeps your food warm for hours when done cooking.

However, if a Dutch oven recipe requires you to sear meats, a crockpot cannot do that. You have to use a cast iron pan to sear your meat.

Roasting Pan

A roasting pan is mostly is designed to cook meat in an oven for hours. It does not allow juices to spill and preserves the natural flavor of your meat.

The pan’s racks prevent the meat from touching the bottom, and excess oils can drip freely, but if you prefer your meat to cook along with the drippings, you can remove the rack.

Roasting pans have high sides, therefore, perfect for large amounts of foods.

The pan’s both  side handles make it easy to put them in the oven and remove your food when  ready.

Since the pans are sturdy and made of durable material, they can withstand high temperatures in the oven and cook most meals you would with a Dutch oven.

Casserole Dish

Casserole dishes are large and deep but are only used for baking food. They are, therefore, ideal for any Dutch oven recipes that require baking.

Most of them do not have a lid, but it’s possible to find one with a lid in the market.

If your meal needs to be covered as it cooks, get a casserole with a cover to prevent the food from drying out as you bake.

The best thing is that you can use casseroles to serve food on the dining table.

They have sturdy handles and so moving food from the kitchen to the dining table is easy. Note that you cannot use casseroles for browning, sautéing, or roasting.

Frequently Asked Questions on a Dutch Oven

  1. How did the Dutch oven get its name?

The Dutch oven was initially used by the Dutch; they also made cookware, including casserole dishes, pans, and pots way as early as in the 1700s.

The casting procedure was patented in 1707 and that’s how this popular cooking pot got its name.

  • How safe is the Dutch oven in an oven?

A Dutch oven is versatile and can be used in the oven safely to bake or roast food.

All you need is to adjust the heat accordingly to fit your food. It bakes perfectly without putting your appliance at risk.

  • Is it advisable to preheat a Dutch Oven?

An empty Dutch oven doesn’t do well when preheated with high heat. You must also use moderate or low heat when cooking food.

Too much heating can cause the food to burn, and there is no need to preheat an empty Dutch oven.

Add some little oil before placing it on a stovetop and add whatever food you are planning to cook without leaving to overheat.

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