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Pie Weight Substitute

So a few days ago I came to the realization that my kitchen didn’t have pie weights. This article goes into detail as to what you can use, as well as how to use them.

Great substitutes for pie weights

It may seems you have to forfeight your plans, or rush out and by some new pie weights,  though its simply not the case. There are many things you may well have in your kitchen that will do the trick quite well.

So without further ado, here is a list of things you can use as substitutes for pie weights.

  • Marbles
  • Beans
  • Sugar
  • Corn
  • Metal objects
  • Rice


You can use marbles as a pie weights substitute but it’s a good idea to wrap them in muslin cloth and remember to make sure you let them cool before removing.

Of course its also a good idea to make sure you wash the marbles thoroughly before using.

You could also use polished river rocks in the same way youd use the marbles. It really does depend on what you have lying around.


The great thing about this next pie weight substitute is that most people are surley going to have some in their pantry. It doesn’t matter if its kidney beans or chick peas, they’ll all do the trick. The key is to tie them in some muslin cloth, as this is going to make removal much easier.


Now, this could be the life saver. If you don’t have any of the pie weight substitutes listed above, you’re more than likely going to have this common staple. Good old rice to the rescue.

The trick to using rice, is to always make sure you use some butter to line your parchment paper. After this step is complete you just lay the rice on the paper as your pie weight substitute.

Metal kitchen Objects ?

Is it possible to use metal kitchen objects as pie weights ? The answer is yes but you should use alluminium foil to line the pastry with. Just make sure you are careful when removing these for obvious reasons.


Another simple technique is to use sugar. Simple line the crust of the pie with foil before pouring in the sugar. It should fill up the pie tin quite nicely.

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Pie Weight Substitute
Pie Weight Substitute


Why Blind Bake a Crust ?

Well, the answer is some pie fillings don’t need to be cooked so the pastry needs to be ready first. The other reason is some pies for example quiches need partly cooked filling so the pasty/filling cooking times don’t match. Blind baking is quite useful.

Can you blind bake a pie crust without weights?

It depends what pie you are planning to cook. Sometimes pie weights are going to be mandatory but you can get away with the substitutes mentioned above.

Can you eat beans after using them as pie weights?

Sure. But once again it depends on how you like your beans. The best answer to this question is to try them for yourself. I don’t think there is a straight answer for this because it also depends on how long they were cooked for the pie cook time.

can you use coffee beans as pie weights ?

Yup. You can use them in the same way you could use chickpeas or kidney beans. The main premise here is the weight and the availability if you don’t have pie weights. Just follow the instructions above for the beans or rice. It’ll workout fine.


So folks, there you have it. Don’t despair if you don’t have any pie weights. Simply use the tricks above and you’ll be well on your way to some good ol blind baking.

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