What Can I Use Instead Of Loaf Pan?

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What are the best loaf pan substitutes ?

You may perhaps be wondering how to prepare tasty bread but without the loaf pan. There is no need to worry. You can come across numerous ways to prepare this delicious homemade bread with other items present in the kitchen.

I was in this very same predicament a few days ago so I did some research.

What to do if you do not own a loaf pan?

Most classic bread recipes require using a loaf pan. But if you do not have one, you still can go ahead with your preparation plans without any worry. A loaf pan is not always necessary to derive the desired results.

You can find several recipes which can be prepared using other cooking vessels easily available in your kitchen. You can bake tasty bread at home using a cookie sheet, skillet, cake pan or casserole dish.

So now lets dig into more detail.

Alternative tools to baking delicious bread

Sheet Pan:

A special pan is not essential to prepare most bread recipes. Most soda bread, braided loaves, boules (round bread loaf), and rolls can be baked using the sheet pan. Loaf pan will not be essential. In case you plan to use a cookie sheet to bake bread, then use bread that can easily retain its shape. Overly soft doughs are not desired.


The cast-iron skillet can be termed to be a kitchen MVP. Wipe the pan once you have completed preparing the skillet. You may also use any designated baking skillet for the purpose.

Skillets are ideal for smaller bread loaves or small batches of rolls. There are several cast iron bread recipes published on the web that can go through and bake.

Cake Pan:

You can use your cake pans to bake bread. Round ones are just perfect to bake bread or rolls, something that will generally require a skillet. Do ensure that you get hold of the same sizes.

A fluted tube pan can also be used to prepare delicious recipes such as monkey bread. However, it requires some creativity to bake bread using cake pans. The results derived are sure to be delicious and enjoyed by your family.

Casserole Dish:

Besides easy cakes and weeknight dinners, the reliable 19×9 pan can be used to prepare a variety of recipes. It includes dinner rolls in large batches, cinnamon buns, sticky buns, batch cakes, etc.


Remember, Baking bread can be a delicious and satisfactory pursuit, irrespective of you using the loaf pan or an alternative tool. The right choice can make everyone happy.

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