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What Can I Use Instead Of Kitchen Twine

What can I use instead of kitchen twine: Know the available options

Kitchen twine (also known as butchers twine, cooking twine, and butchers string) is the perfect tool to truss a turkey or chicken, tie off the herbs packet, hang hams or beef, and secure stuffed loin. However, many kitchens don’t have any kitchen twine on hand. Then what to do? Are there are substitutes for it?

What options do I have?

Even if you do not have kitchen twine at your place, all is not lost. There are several substitutes for kitchen twine. The commonly used alternatives are aluminum foil, dental floss, wooden skewers or doing nothing.

Substitutes to look at for kitchen twine

Aluminum foil:

You can roll a few aluminum foils into tight ropes. Secure it around the food just like bands. This method is ideal for stuffed meats to ensure it does not unroll. However, the foil is not strong enough to truss chicken or turkey.

Dental floss:

Bundle or tie your bird using dental floss. It can hold things together and secure your fowl just like twine. Please choose unwaxed, plain floss – your guests will appreciate not having floss wax and mint in their food!

Hint: Toss a floss roll in your kitchen drawer. Not only can it substitute for kitchen twine, you can use it to cut cheese. Really, you can!

Wooden skewers or toothpicks:

You can poke one or several skewers into rolled meat. It will ensure that the seam does not unravel. But first, soak the skewers or toothpicks in water, as you would if you were going to throw them on the grill. This way, when in the oven, they will not catch fire.

If substituting toothpicks for kitchen twine, always count how many you use. It will enable you to remove them smartly after cooking. Otherwise, there are chances of someone chomping down accidentally on the wooden pieces.

Cheese Cloth

If you want to secure your bouquet garni herb bundle, you can use cheese cloth corners to tie a knot.


Rope is used all over the world for hanging meat of all kinds, from ham to large cuts of beef to sausage.

Butchers Twine or Rope can be used to hang aging meat
Butchers Twine or Rope can be used to hang aging meat

Doing nothing:

If you have not used any of the above things, then simply leave the turkey or chicken or other meat untrussed. Aluminum foil can be used as a wrap, and in the case of birds, you can tuck the wings under the bird to prevent charring. You can use the weight of the meat to help keep everything together.


Some people might suggest using embroidery floss, rubber bands sewing thread or crochet thread as an alternative to the kitchen twine. But these are not recommended as they are flammable and there are chances of your oven getting ignited in the process.

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