What Can I Use Instead Of Kitchen Twine

What can I use instead of kitchen twine: Know the available options

The kitchen twine is the perfect tool to truss a turkey or chicken, tie off the herbs packet or secure stuffed loin. But not being on the essential kitchen equipment list, you may not possess one. Then what to do? Are there are substitutes for it?

What options do I have?

Even if you do not have kitchen twine at your place, you can still use several things and achieve your set objectives. The commonly used alternatives are aluminum foil, dental floss, wooden skewers or doing nothing.

Substitutes to look at for kitchen twine

Aluminum foil:

You can roll a few aluminum foils into tight ropes. Secure it around the food just like bands. This method is ideal for stuffed meats to ensure it does not unroll. However, the foil is not that strong to truss chicken or turkey.

Dental floss:

Bundle or tie your bird using dental floss. It can hold things together and secure like that of twine. You can choose unwaxed, plain floss. This will ensure not requiring to use mint to flavor your food or risk melted wax igniting in your oven.

Tuck a floss roll in your kitchen drawer. It helps cut soft cheese smoothly much better than the goat knife.

Wooden skewers or toothpicks:

You can poke one into the rolled meat. It will ensure that the seam does not unravel. But first, soak it in water similar to the grill preparation. This way, when in the oven, it will not catch fire. In case, you use toothpicks, count the numbers used.

It will enable you to remove them smartly after cooking. Otherwise, there are chances of someone chomping down accidentally on the wooden pieces.

Doing nothing:

If you have not used any of the above things, then simply leave the turkey or chicken untrussed. Wrap using aluminum foil or tuck wingtips under the bird to ensure it does not burn.

Keep the loin side down on the baking sheet in a manner that the meat’s weight is held together. To secure herbs bundle, keep them in a cheesecloth piece and use its corners to make a knot.


Some people might suggest using embroidery floss, rubber bands sewing thread or crochet thread as an alternative to the kitchen twine. But these are not recommended as they are flammable and there are chances of your oven getting ignited in the process.

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