What Can I Use Instead Of Fish Sauce

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The Best Fish Sauce Substitutes

Fish sauces are made from anchovy, mackerel, shrimp, or other fishes, which go through fermentation for up to two years.

Some people search for alternatives because they are either on a vegan diet or don’t have the sauce in hand.

Sauces like soy sauce can be used directly as a substitute for fish sauce. However, if you wish to go for a more customized taste, you can mix up sauces and spices together.

We have lined up the following most loved alternatives for you to choose from depending on their availability:

Worcestershire Sauce:

Worcestershire Sauce is a good choice, especially for broth.  It is an excellent substitute because it is also made of anchovies, tamarind, and other seasonings.

Using a few drops of it will complete your recipe so much you will forget you had one ingredient missing.

If you do not have Worcestershire sauce at home, you can prepare one at home.

Combine and boil together apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, water, black pepper, ginger, onion and garlic powder or minced garlic, and cinnamon. Once it cools off, your sauce is ready.

Soy Sauce:

Almost every kitchen has soy sauce somewhere in one of the cabinets. Your soy sauce has been doing wonders on many of your cooking experiments – place your trust in it once more.

Soy sauce can also be mixed up with other items to substitute fish sauce. You can add some lime juice or rice vinegar to it- it gives you a fresh, salty, and savory taste.

Adding minced anchovy to soy sauce also works well. You can also bring to boil sliced shiitake mushrooms with soy sauce. The cooled boiled broth gives you some earthy flavor.


Anchovies are a significant ingredient of fish sauce, so it is no surprise that it makes a great substitute. You can fine-dice the small fish and fry them up or add them directly to your curry.

Oyster sauce:

Your oyster sauce can fill-in the vacancy when you do not want or have fish sauce. However, it is essential to note that it could be a little thicker. Therefore, it will require you to add a little water if you wish to keep it thinner.


Seaweed gives out that umami flavor similar to fish sauce. You can use the fresh seaweed for salads or broths and dried ones for Japanese and Korean dishes.

Thai Soy Sauce (Thin Soy Sauce):

Thai light soy sauce or see ew khao is a white soy sauce. It is usually made of soybean and wheat flour along with other seasonings. It is a multipurpose white soy sauce and is super friendly to fries and dishes.

Coconut Aminos:

Coconut aminos are gluten-free and will be a good friend if you wish for lower sodium. It is dark and has a unique flavor with a buttery finish.

Concluding Note:

The savory and salty ingredients from fish sauce complement Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian cuisines.

These alternatives will save you big time if you or your guests do not like the fish sauce’s taste or you don’t have fish sauce on hand. They are not just substitutes; they are tasty choices.

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