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What Can I Use Instead Of Cheesecloth?

Cheesecloth is made from a type of gauze. It is used in different ways in the kitchen but mostly for straining liquids.

Cheesecloth Defined

Cheesecloth is a porous fabric and is one of the different types of gauze found in the market. Gauze originates from Gaza in Palestine, but the loosely woven cotton material is used worldwide. The best thing is that the cheesecloth can be washed and reused several times. However, if you do not have it in your kitchen, there are several alternatives that come in handy and accomplish the same tasks.

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Best Alternatives to Cheesecloth

Kitchen Towel

Kitchen towels have a similar weave with the cheesecloth, but they hold too much moisture. This means before you replace your cheesecloth with a kitchen towel, you should squeeze it out thoroughly. Also, make sure you use towels free from dyes and adequately cleaned to prevent food contamination. Clean kitchen towels can make a great replacement for cheesecloth.

Mesh Bag

Mesh bags are used in many ways, including food making, painting, and laundry. A fine mesh bag can replace cheesecloth to strain cheeses, broths, yogurts, and other food. The best thing about mesh bags is that they are easy to clean compared to cheesecloths. Besides, they are durable and will not fall apart after a few uses like cheesecloth. Sometimes, the cheesecloth is not strong enough to withstand a single wash and falls out after the first use.

Wire Sieve

Fine wire sieves are adequate and extremely handy for straining tasks that are usually done using cheesecloth. However, it doesn’t catch fine particles like the cheesecloth, so you have to only use in recipes where it can suit perfectly. For example, it cannot be perfect for a recipe where you need jelly without any seeds. The wire sieve cannot give the desired results.

Cotton Cloth

Some cheesecloth is actually made of cotton. In a pinch, you can use a cotton napkin, pillowcase, or anything similar as a cheesecloth substitute.


Stockings may not be trendy in the fashion world, but it can be used in other ways. They are also called stockings and fit a perfect substitute for cheesecloth. You stretch the pantyhose over a bowl and use it to strain your food.

Since it’s made of durable material, wash it properly and keep it for future use.

Coffee Filter

Both disposable and reusable coffee filters can replace cheesecloth and strain whatever food you want effortlessly. These filters are made of a material with a tight weave to filter out grounds in coffee, and so they do a perfect job in straining. After using the coffee filter, clean it thoroughly, and put it back in the coffee machine.

Medical Gauze

The medical gauze is usually in a medicine box kept at home for first aid purposes. It is relatively thin, so to get excellent results, you should use it in layers to get perfect results, similar to cheesecloth.

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What can I use Instead of Cheesecloth?
What can I use Instead of Cheesecloth?

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How is Cheesecloth Used in the Kitchen?

Filtering Milk Products

Cheesecloth makes it possible to get consistently smooth milk products. It is used to strain cheese, butter, and yogurt. This thin fabric not only makes work easy but also ensures efficiency.

Pressing Tofu

The best tofu should be firm. Cheesecloth helps to squeeze out the water leaving you with magnificent tofu, which results in crispy marinades.

Wrapping Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are essential in various recipes. However, if not stored properly, they will not last for long. Cheesecloth helps to store these fruits and also comes in handy when trying out the recipes. They help to strain and remove the seeds from the citrus juice.

Basting Poultry

After a chicken or a turkey is done, you can use cheesecloth drenched with butter, white wine, and olive oil to give an amazing taste. It helps to lock in some moisture and make it taste delicious.

Making Crispy Potatoes

Crispy potatoes are not easy to make because some potatoes have too much moisture. The trick is to use cheesecloth to drain excess water. You put the potatoes on a cheesecloth and wring them. This will draw out maximum water, leaving you with perfect potatoes to make delicious crispy treats.

Brewing Coffee

Coffee is a global drink, and most people love it. However, unless it’s appropriately brewed, it can leave a bad taste in your mouth. You do not always have to take coffee in the nearest espresso joint; you can make it at home. With cheesecloth, you can get rid of finely ground particles of coffee from your drink. For excellent results, use several layers of cheesecloth, and the results will be perfect tasty coffee.

Though cheesecloth is not something most people have in their kitchen, it comes in handy in various ways. However, you can always use any of the above substitutes and still get perfect results.

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