What Can I Use Instead Of An Oven Mitt?

Quick substitutes for oven mitts

Just a quick note to start with, this happened to me a few days ago when I needed to get a pizza out of the oven. I ended up deciding on using 2 damp face washer towels to protect my hands. While I could still feel the heat, it was fine. I wouldn’t recommend it though. Another layer probably would have been better.

Anyway, lets have a look and see if we cant find an alternative.

The following are some of the top things that you can use if you do not have kitchen oven mitts for any reason:

Omnipresent All-Purpose Kitchen Towels

Chefs should also consider using omnipresent all-purpose kitchen towels. These towels offer great convenience, which allows you to shift hotter skillets and pans from one cooking station to another. Omnipresent oven mitts are of course the best solution.

Silicon Mitts

If you find it hard to work with oven mitts or do not have them, you can use silicone mitts. Silicone mitts are durable, elastic, and high-quality alternative mitts. The silicone mitts assist a person in performing various kitchen duties without any concern for hand safety.

Along with protection from heat, silicone mitts also offer greater grip.

Traditional Quilted Gloves

Chefs can also use traditional quilted gloves instead of oven mitts. The quilted mitts are easy to use. The cushioning effect of quilted gloves helps in maintaining a strong grip over the kitchen dishes, skillets, and pans.

Asteroid Mini Cotton Mitts

Asteroid Mini Cotton Mitts are an excellent choice and are made of 100% durable and high-quality material. Asteroid mini cotton mitts have textured surfaces, which allows people to cook more efficiently in the kitchen. They are available in the market; grab them and bring ease to your kitchen.

Slip-On Guards

Of course, it may be a long shot that you have these lying around. But nevertheless, we have added them to the list. You can also use the slip-on guards for holding hotter skillets or pans. But you should choose slip-on guards that can cover your fingers also. Otherwise, there is no use in wearing them.


The alternative kitchen mitts are excellent choices because some of them may already be available in your house. Pick them up, and enjoy cooking as well as baking safely in your kitchen.

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