What can I use instead of a waffle maker?

Looking for a waffle maker substitute in your kitchen ? Read on…

While a waffle maker is an essential kitchen appliance when you want to make waffles, it doesn’t mean you can’t make some if you don’t have one. You can use an oven or grill pan and still end up with a steaming hot waffle at any time of the day.

 Waffles are versatile and can be eaten by the whole family with accompaniments such as blueberry syrup, chopped fruits, fudge sauce, or Belgian chocolate.

If you want to eat some real waffles but do not have a waffle maker, you can use these two options listed below. Here is how to make the waffles:

  • Grill Pan

A grill pan can come in handy if you do not have a waffle maker. It makes tasty waffles, and all you need is to follow some simple steps. No need to skip your waffles for breakfast just because you have realized you do not have a waffle maker, or it’s not working.

After you have mixed all ingredients, heat the pan, and use medium heat to prevent burning. Apply some butter on the pan before pouring the waffle batter on it; spread them into small circles and leave them to cook until they become crispy on the outside but spongy inside.

Flip the waffle to cook on the other side and remove it once it has browned or appears to be slightly golden brown. Remove it and move to the next one and repeat the same steps until you are done with all.

  • Oven

In the absence of a waffle iron or waffle maker, making some waffles may appear like a far-fetched dream. However, if you have an oven, you can make real waffles and not pancakes.

You should have a silicone waffle mold where you pour the batter. This is one of the easiest ways to make waffles because you just place the silicone waffle mold in the oven and wait for the waffles to cook.

Start by preheating your oven up to about 220 degrees before baking your waffles for about 9 minutes. They should be golden brown by the time you are done. Once they are ready, remove the waffles and serve them with your favorite toppings.

Frequently Asked Questions about a Waffle Maker

  1. How long should my waffle take to get ready?

A waffle takes between 5 and 10 minutes to cook. It depends on what you use for cooking it. When using a waffle maker or waffle iron, it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

  • Should I grease my waffle maker before using it?

Yes, use a basting brush to apply some oil or

butter before cooking your waffles. This ensures that your waffles do not stick on the waffle maker and make cleaning easy.

  1. What makes waffles stick to the waffle maker’s surface?

One reason that makes your waffles stick on the waffle maker is to cook before the equipment is hot enough. Allow your waffle iron or maker to heat sufficiently, and you will not have to worry about food-stained plates.

  • What makes my waffles too soft?

Unless your waffles are crispy, they tend to be less flavorful. One of the reasons that your waffles are crispy is due to excess moisture. You should be careful with some ingredients, such as buttermilk. It creates heavy that leads to soft and no-crispy waffles.

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