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Pudding Basin Substitute

Good Substitute for Pudding Basin?

A pudding steamer / pudding basin is essential for making pudding as it ensures the pudding stays fluffy and receives the exact amount of moisture to prevent it from disintegrating.

Making a pudding can be tricky as it requires the pudding not to be too close to the source of heat while also ensuring that it gets the amount of moisture for the pudding to hold up just right. 

A conventional pudding steamer ensures that you can prepare it at ease without having to worry about anything going wrong when steaming the batter.

However, there might be a scenario where a pudding steamer might not be readily available.

Pudding Basin Substitute
Plastic Pudding Basin

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Pudding Basin Substitute Options

1-You can place the pudding on top of a plate that is used as a trident. Below the trident, you can have water boiling at an appropriate distance and use the steam from the boiling water to cook the pudding. In case the plate produces a clanging sound, try placing a cloth under it.

2-You can try putting the pudding in a large saucepan surrounded by 3 to 5 centimeters of boiling water. Next, cover the pudding with a tight-fitting lid. The last step is to heat the water to the desired temperature so that it simmers gently. Let the pudding bake for the required cooking time.

3-In case you do not have a tight lid of the appropriate size, you can cover the pudding container with a piece of parchment paper. Next, place a foil of similar size over the parchment. Make sure you press the foil securely around the rim of the pudding container. 

4-If you are looking for safe to use and readily available substitutes in the market, you can either opt for a plastic pudding basin with a clip-on lid or a heatproof bowl with a lid. These two are the closest substitute to a pudding basin as the steaming time is the same. 

5-Pyrex bowls for steaming pudding. You would find these bowls in department stores and some supermarkets. While buying a Pyrex bowl for use as a substitute for pudding basin, make sure you purchase the correct size to fit into the steamer. Pyrex bowls make an excellent pudding basin alternative.

Also, as most Pyrex bowls do not come with a lid, you should keep a piece of baking parchment or parchment paper handy to cover the pudding batter once it is in the bowl. 

6-In case you are not sure if the bowl you have at home will suffice, there is a quick fix you can try. You can use the thin aluminum foil to cover the bowl thoroughly and then pour the pudding batter into it. This not only protects the bowl but also helps in steaming the batter. 

7-Lastly, there are also iron trivets available to use as a stand to place your pudding container with the batter. There are different sizes and heights available, and they can come in handy for steaming purposes or even just for heating food items.

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