What Can I Use Instead Of a Potato Ricer?

Looking for a potato ricer substitute?

Many people love mashed potatoes, and nothing beats the home-made version. You need a potato ricer to end up with smooth and creamy mashed potatoes.

However, not everyone has a potato ricer at home. What is the best substitute?

You can use a fine grater, masher or a food mill to achieve the same results. You should not miss your favorite meal just because you do not have a potato ricer, improvise and enjoy your dinner as usual.

Fine Grater

Ensure you boil your potatoes to a good temperature. Potatoes with lumps in them do not boil to the right temperature making it hard to get smashed.

If you want to have a good mashed potato, boil it to the limit such that when you touch it feels soft and can be pressed on.

In the next step, you should peel the potatoes and cool them. Set the potatoes in cold water for some minutes. Gently peel off the potatoes and discard the peels.

Place your grater in a bowl that will catch the riced potatoes when grating.

Hold one end down of the potato’s length and slide it on the grater. Do it gradually, but you can increase the speed to work faster.

Once you are done, and the sliced potatoes are inside the bowl, you can use a fork to fluff the grated potatoes.

To get the smooth texture potatoes you want, avoid using graters with small holes. As you grate potatoes, you should be extra careful not to grate your hands or fingers.

Food Mill

After boiling and cooling your potatoes, you select a medium-size option on the food mill to make sliced potatoes.

There are food mills that separate the peels of the potatoes. However, it is highly recommended that you peel them off before placing them.

After finishing the step, place the food mill over a bowl big enough to hold the potatoes.

Carefully insert the potatoes each at a time, depending on the apparatus’s size, and slice them into small quarters.

Use your hands to turn the handle clockwise, applying a little pressure up to when all the mashed potatoes exit.


Manual mashers are not the best because they leave lumps but act as a good alternative if you do not have a potato ricer.

It can create smooth and creamy mashed potatoes if you are looking for a small amount.

Make sure your masher reaches all corners of your pot. Press and twist it as you add some little liquid, and you will end up tasty, smooth, and appealing mashed potatoes.

For excellent results, make sure your potatoes are thoroughly cooked. It may not give you fluffy potatoes, but it’s a great alternative to a potato ricer.


When it comes to ricing potatoes at home, you can always be innovative and flexible.

The alternative method will depend on how you want your riced potatoes and how fast you want them done.

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