What Can I Use Instead Of a Potato Masher?(3 Quick Ideas You’ll love)

Mashed potatoes are a good side for various meals. And some dishes simply won’t be the same without a side of mash.

With that being said, you may not have a suitable potato masher lying about.

Some of the best potato masher alternatives include a food mill, hand masher, food processor, and a stand mixer. Mashed potatoes are ideal for various occasions, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a meal for any other day.

Here’s a list of brilliant ideas for potato masher alternatives.

Food Mill

A food mill can be used instead of a potato masher. The potatoes are put in the mill resulting in the perfectly mashed and airy mash.

A food mill forces the potatoes to go a downward motion through small holes and whirl them around using downward and centripetal pressure, which forces the potatoes to go through the tiny perforations.

While they are powerful and extremely efficient, they do not overdo the potatoes. Your mashed potatoes will still look and taste delicious.

Hand masher

Hand mashed potatoes may be bumpy and lack consistent smoothness. But, it doesn’t have to be the case always.

You can find an ideal hand masher that will give you excellent results when looking for something to use instead of a potato masher.

Some people find a hand masher cumbersome and quite old-fashioned, but if you do not have a potato masher, this versatile kitchen will help you make your dinner without skipping on the mashed potatoes.

Stand mixer

A stand mixer is a machine that makes your work easy. The potatoes are transformed into a delicious and appetizing dense, creamy mash.

This is an advantage that a stand mixer has over other alternatives of a potato masher.

Since this equipment uses electricity, you will not find any lumps and the potatoes come with smoothness and denseness that lack other options such as hand mashing.

The best thing is that all start molecules in your potatoes are not interfered with, which means a rich and tasty potato flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I whisk potatoes to mash them?

Yes, you can whisk potatoes to mash them. However, this results in a creamy mash more than mashed potatoes.

It is usually lighter than you would expect mashed potatoes to be.

However, it’s suitable where you do not mind having light looking mashed potatoes.

How can I fluff my mashed potatoes?

Using a food mill results in broken potatoes, but not overdone.

To make them fluffy, you need to add some milk and butter to give them airy while controlling their starch level.

Does it help to rinse potatoes meant for mashing?

Yes, you should rinse potatoes using cold water to remove any specks of dirt. Scrub them before boiling, and they will result in flawless mashed potatoes.


The above options will turn your potatoes into an appetizing mashed dish. The tools will also help you attain the exact consistency you want.

If you have ample time but lack a potato masher, now you know what options you have within your kitchen. You now know how to quickly find something to use instead of a potato masher.

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