What Can I Use Instead Of a Pizza Peel?

What can I use instead of a pizza peel: Check out the alternatives

You may want to heat the baking sheet or pizza stone for about 45 minutes in the oven before transferring the pizza.

But without a pizza peel, it might appear to be an impossible task. What should you do?

Alternatives to explore

Luckily, several items are lying in your kitchen that can prove to be a wonderful alternative to the pizza peel. While indulging in the process, you do not have to burn your hands. What substitutes to use?

You can look at alternatives like flipped upside-down rimmed baking sheets, rimless cookie sheets, stiff cardboard pieces, serving platter, cutting boards, parchment paper, etc.

Things you can use to serve as a pizza peel

Flipped upside-down rimmed baking sheet:

It comes with four raised edges and you are to flip it upside down. But if there are extremely large raised edges, then it can pose to be a problem.

Then, the pizza will have a drop off a long way, thus creating a mess. Trying to grip flat can also be a tough thing including getting the technique correct. Hence, you should choose the thinnest sheet available or simply use parchment paper.

Rimless cookie sheet:

It comes with a single raised edge and allows easy sliding of the cookies after cooking. The design is just perfect for pizza preparation. You can slide it off effortlessly to the oven’s cooking surface. Generally, cookie sheets have non-stick surfaces.

Stiff cardboard piece:

A thin cardboard piece can easily transfer the pizza into the oven. But make sure that the cardboard is stiff to support properly the pizza’s weight. You can consider online delivery packaging boxes or old pizza boxes.

They are ideal for the job. Simply cut a square on it of about 14” wide. But it is not a long-lasting solution. Moreover, if the pizza sauce comes in contact with the cardboard, then it can prove to be a real nightmare.

The wet card will only make the dough stick to it automatically. Hence, when the topping is concerned, you need to be extra cautious.

Serving platter:

Your kitchen is likely to have a wooden serving platter without a rim. It will enable easy sliding of the pizza. A handle will make the job quick, simple and effortless.

Cutting board:

Most cutting boards available are thin, with some having handles. They do resemble that of the pizza peel. But being rectangular, they may not be the perfect solution. But this will not prove to be a problem.

Simply stretch the dough lengthwise slightly to fit the shape perfectly. It can be plastic or wooden. When using plastic board, make sure not to get it in contact with the hot pizza stone. Otherwise, it is likely to melt within seconds, thereby ruining your stone completely.

Parchment paper:

It is also referred to as baking paper with a disposable non-stick surface. Although not a waxed paper, it is better not to place it in the oven.

Otherwise, the wax is likely to smoke, thereby affecting taste. It also does not involve any mess when transferring pizza or involves any semolina or flour mixture.

Once the dough is stretched, it can be transferred onto the paper while continuing topping. Once ready, pull open the oven and rack with pizza stone to place it directly onto the top. It can withstand heat. However, it will darken as well as become brittle if touched. Pair of tongs can be used to retrieve pizza.


if you do not have a pizza peel handy, you can check out the above alternatives and use them to get a similar result.

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