What Can I Use Instead Of a Pizza Cutter?

What can i use instead of a pizza cutter: 5 Alternatives

You may perhaps love to invite friends on occasions and serve pizza. Preparing homemade pizza can be a real delight. But you will require a pizza cutter to cut the pizza into proper slices. But what if you don’t have a pizza cutter!

Fortunately, there are different types of slicing tools available in the market that can provide that perfect cut. You can look at options like bladeless cutting, meat cleaver, hybrid ulu, pizza knife, etc.

Bladeless Cutting

This will only work with frozen pizza but It is undoubtedly the safest way to get that perfect slice as it contains nothing sharp. It doesn’t ensure even breaking of the pizza though. Snap it into desired-sized pieces. Once cooked, enjoy the slice.

Meat Cleaver

This multi-functional tool is available in almost all kitchens. Besides cutting pizza, you can also use it to perform pizza-related activities. For homemade pizza, use a meat cleaver to spin pizza within the oven. Then take it out. The cleaver allows perfect slice creation in one go. This tool can also be used to serve cut slices.

Hybrid Ulu

Hybrid Ulu is another tool to use. It is generally used to cut vegetables and also can slice pizza. With a curved blade, it is easy to slice through the crust effortlessly. You are sure to impress your friends using this tool.

Pizza Knife

In case you find it easy to use a knife, then there are easily available varieties of pizza knives to choose from. They are fitted with curved blades to enable back-and-forth cutting motion to be easier.


This tool is just perfect to be used for ultra-thin crust pizzas. But for regular pizzas, it does not work that efficiently. If you plan to bake a pizza that is quite similar to New York paper-thin crust, then what you need is a good pair of scissors.

The Chef’s Knife

While using this tool to slice pizza, you need to take into consideration its size with respect to the pizza diameter. You will require a knife with the ability to cover the pizza’s diameter completely and cut a big slice. This way, cutting is completed in a single motion smoothly. Moreover, not much cheese is pulled off in the process.

Kitchen Shears

This tool is more convenient and much faster to cut a pizza into desirable slices. They are often the most underrated and versatile tools present in the kitchen. Its versatility combined with its ability to cut perfect pizza slices with great ease is what makes it an excellent tool.

Although you can come across other acceptable methods to slice pizza, kitchen shears are easy to use as well as provide a clean cut. When pizza-cutting performance is taken into consideration, the shears tend to rank next to the pizza cutter.

A few models are even found to outdo pizza wheels with regards to clean-cutting performance. High-quality shears are the perfect solution to cut easily and cleanly across the pie. It also helps retain the toppings and cheese in the proper place.


When cutting the pizza into slices, you do have a whole lot of options to choose from. You just need to be flexible and innovative in your approach. The above-mentioned tools are undoubtedly wonderful solutions to your question ‘what can i use instead of a pizza cutter’.

You just need to keep only one aspect in mind when not using a pizza cutter or pizza wheel. The blade size should cover the entire diameter of the pizza.

Following the tips will allow you to cut pizza slices which will be enjoyed by your family members and friends.

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