What Can I Use Instead Of A Piping Bag?

Top Piping Bag Substitutes

A piping bag is used when making pies and cakes. You can use parchment paper, a plastic sandwich bag, or a kitchen towel instead of a piping bag.

All you have to do is shape the bag, parchment paper, or towel into a cone shape and leave a small opening to let out pastries or cake decorations in the way you desire.

A pastry bag is made of plasticized fabric or canvas, and it’s therefore stiff and strong enough to remain in shape when in use.

But you can use the options above to improvise one in your kitchen.

How do you use the alternatives? Read on.

Sandwich Bag

A plastic sandwich paper comes in handy as an alternative for a piping bag. It is disposable and readily available in most kitchens.

The bag is easy to use and comes with great designs, including simple ordinary bags, slider-tip, and zip-top bags.

They all fold over the top, so after you put your content inside, push it to the corner and twist the top. Snip the corner’s tip with scissors, and it’s ready for piping.

Start with a small cut and adjust slowly to fit your needs. Also, for efficiency, you can use a metallic pastry piper and make the designs you want.

Parchment Paper

A parchment paper also works instead of a piping bag, but you have to follow a few steps to shape it like a piping bag. Start by creating a square using a pair of scissors.

Fold it in a triangular shape by putting two opposite corners on each other and then roll it into a cone and tape it together.

Even with parchment paper, you can add a metal piper before you put in the frosting, icing or sauce.

It is a popular alternative because it is easy to find in the kitchen and is available in different textures.

Kitchen Towel

When looking for a makeshift piping bag, you may not have parchment paper or plastic bags, but a kitchen towel is present in every kitchen.

Using a towel is easy; place it on the counter and then use a plastic paper to wrap it. Roll your towel to create a cone and use tape or pins to keep it in shape.

Add your icing or frosting and twist the top to shut it. This alternative will work correctly for pastries but may not be the best for cakes and pie.

Re-sealable plastic bag

A re-sealable bag can quickly replace a piping bag as it holds your content without letting it come out through any other part except the corner you snip out.

Choose the bag depending on how much icing or frosting you want to apply in a recipe.

It is easy to know the volume of a plastic paper as most manufacturers list it.

The best one should be thick, similar to those used in freezing foods to make sure it doesn’t give in to the pressure of thick frosting.

Unlike non-sealable, you do not have to twist this one at the top to close it. Also, you are assured that the bag will not explode when squeezed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it a must you add a nozzle to your piping bag?

A nozzle is essential when using an improvised bag with no tips, but a piping bag will work fine without one.

Using a piping bag alternative means you have to cut one corner and add a nozzle for easy frosting or icing.

Also, make sure your bag is not entirely full to prevent messes as you work with the improvised piping bag.

  • Can you re-use a piping bag?

Yes, a piping bag is re-usable, especially one made of silicone. They are durable and will work properly without bursting or breaking.

  • What makes a piping bag break?

The leading cause of breakage on a piping bag is too much pressure. This happens if the content is stiff and too thick.

The force causes the bag to tear and eventually burst. If your piping bag is made of canvas, it will absorb oil, which makes chocolate or buttercream icings seep into the material and soften, making the bag break.

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