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What can I use instead of a hand mixer?

In the modern kitchen, several tools are used in the preparation and cooking of food.

A hand mixer is one of them used in the mixing of different foods by attaching beaters. However, if you do not have one, you can use a whisk, egg beater, fork, spatula, spoon, food processor, or a blender.

What can I use as a Hand Mixer Substitute in the Kitchen?

A hand mixer can be manual or even electric, and its main function is to whip, stir, and even mix ingredients to get the desired consistency.

The electric one has an electrical cord and can only be used where there is a power connection. The mixer comes with a bowl that is mostly metallic, but others are made of glass.

Many other tools can be used to perform the same function as the hand mixer although on a different labor skill set, and they include;

Can I Use a Whisk Instead of a Hand Mixer?
Can I Use a Whisk Instead of a Hand Mixer?


With a series of curved wires that join at the handle, the whisk mixes and incorporates air in different ingredients.

The whisk comes in different shapes and sizes that include the French, flat, and balloon whisk.

A whisk is a great substitute for electric mixers.

Egg Beater

As the name suggests, an egg beater is mostly used to beat eggs or mix them with other things.

However, it is an ideal alternative if you do not have a hand mixer. Apart from the eggs, an egg beater can help you make foods such as sauces.

Most egg beaters have two removable whisks and a crank to turn them.

They are easy to use but may not be suitable for large amounts of ingredients that need to be mixed.


Forks are used for different reasons in the house and also as a cooking tool. A blending fork is used in stirring of food and also the separation of others like rice.

On the whisking part, the fork can be used in making dressing mixes used on salads.


A spatula is a flexible tool used in the kitchen in scooping, stirring and mixing, and cooking itself.

Plastic spatulas are most ideal for mixing, but you can still find others made of wood and metal and can still be used instead of a hand mixer.


Spoons come in different sizes ranging from a small teaspoon to the largest serving spoon. These kitchen utensils are made of different materials, mostly wood, plastic, and metal.

The best thing is that a spoon can be used to measure an ingredient. It mixes ingredients properly but not be ideal for large amounts.


A blender is used mostly for liquid mixtures. It has blades that break down ingredients, which results in a consistent mixture.

Being electric makes work easier compared to tools that need manual work to achieve the desired goal. The thickness of a mixture depends on the amount of liquid added when mixing ingredients.

Alternative to Mixer
Can a Food Processor be an Alternative to Mixer?

Food Processor

A hand mixer and a food processor have several similarities.

The food processor is incorporated with a blade that cuts ingredients into tiny pieces before creating a smooth mixture for making things such as dough or pastry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a whisk instead of a hand mixer?

This is the most common question I get regarding a hand mixer substitute. The answer is yes – whisks are maybe the best hand mixer alternative. See the Whisk section above.

Is it possible to bake a cake without a hand mixer?

Yes, it is possible to make a cake without a hand mixer.

You can use a manual or an electric whisk to mix ingredients and bake your cake.

If you have to use a manually operated hand mixer alternative, it will take more time and patience to achieve the required consistency and smoothness.

Are hand mixers considered to be an essential kitchen tool?

A hand mixer is an essential tool in the kitchen. But if you do not have one, you can still bake and other tasks such as mashing potatoes, beating eggs, and whipping butter.

Whether you are a regular baker or a seasonal one, a hand mixer is one of the kitchen tools that you will love.


In the kitchen, there are many mixing preparations to be done, and a hand mixer provides one of the easiest ways to do this.

However, you can still find alternatives if you do not own a hand mixer or it’s not working properly. The above options will come in handy for various mixing tasks.

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