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What to use Instead of a Griddle Pan

Alas, you have no griddle pan. All is not lost my friend. What can you use instead of a griddle pan?

There are some substitutes you can use and you may just have them in your kitchen. Instead of relinquishing your plans check out the list below.

Since a griddle pan is just a cooking device with a broad flat cooking surface, it can be replaced with a frypan, grill, indoor grill, or an electric frypan.

What to use Instead of a Griddle Pan
What to use Instead of a Griddle Pan


A frypan is a great griddle pan substitute as most people have one of these lying around their kitchen.

Of course, it depends on what you want to cook but a good ol frypan may just save the day.

Indoor Grill

A grill usually has a nice flat surface so is ideal to use instead of a griddle pan.

An electric frypan is a good option considering is broad flat cooking surface, its an ideal replacement for a griddle.

Let’s have a look at some of the common foods cooked on a griddle to give us a better look at what may be a good substitute.

A good way to find an alternative is to decide exactly what you’re cooking. After that look at what other kitchen items are commonly used for this.

Griddles are often used for breakfast as the tend to be great for cooking things like pancakes or even things like gourmet toast.

Grilled cheese sandwiches are another common item cooked on a griddle.

As you can see, the listed items above could be cooked in an electric frypan, or even just a normal frypan.

Cast-iron pan

A cast-iron pan has many uses, but the main one is roasting food. It is made mostly of cast or wrought iron, steel, aluminum, or steel.

This heavy pan is an excellent griddle pan alternative. It is deeper than a griddle pan, which allows your food to retain liquids.

The pan is mostly used for deep frying, sautéing, and browning of meat and veggies. It fits the role of a griddle pan effortlessly as it reaches the required temperatures needed to cook various foods.

The best thing is that your food retains its flavor, so you will not miss a thing when using it instead of a griddle pan.

Electric stovetop grill

An electric stove top grill cooks more like a griddle pan. This grill doesn’t have a stove burner; it uses a unique self-healing system to make food.

This is the feature that makes an electric stovetop grill a perfect alternative for a griddle pan. You can use it for cooking sandwiches and other low-fat foods.

It is possible to use either the bottom or top grill; just follow the steps s given in a recipe. Besides, it is easy using this grill because it comes with temperatures gauges for various foods.


It may seem like a broiler cannot do what a griddle pan can. But it has the ability; all you need is rediscover and be ready to be creative.

The broiler gives intense heat that allows fast cooking. It can be used instead of a griddle to cook different meats, veggies, and other roasted foods.

Besides, it gives veggies or meat a char, though not as rich as what you get from grilling food. The bottom line is that a broiler ensures your chicken kebabs, tenderloins, or pork chops cook perfectly, but you cannot expect to add some char flavor to your food.

You need not worry about cooking with a lot of oil. A tablespoonful or two is enough to cook large amounts of food. Be sure to set the rack away from fire, depending on the food you intend to cook.

Outdoor Grill

A griddle pan comes in handy when you cannot use your outdoor grill. The same case applies when you do not have a griddle pan.

An outdoor grill will make a delightful barbecue and give you an excuse to enjoy outdoor cooking.

Food cooked in an outdoor grill also has rich earthy and smoky flavors, which is impossible with other griddle pan alternatives. Remember to keep the fire stocked enough to maintain the required heat to cook your food.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a griddle pan and a frying pan?

A griddle pan is different from a regular frying pan because it has no or low sides and a very large flat surface. Griddles are the preferred surface for pancakes.

Is a griddle pan really important?

Yes, a griddle pan is a great tool if you love cooking. You can make breakfast foods, including pancakes, French toast, eggs, home fries, cheese sandwiches, and many others.

What makes food stick on the griddle pan?

When you put food on a grill pan that is not hot enough to cook, it causes a chemical bond leading to food stuck on the griddle.

To avoid this, always wait for the pan to heat up and add a little oil before placing your food on the pan


What to use Instead of a Griddle Pan?

Try one of the options above!

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