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Substitute Donut Pan

Donuts are amazing, and not having a donut pan available when you want to make some is no fun.

What can i use instead of a donut pan?

A donut pan makes perfect donuts, but a muffin pan makes a perfect donut pan substitute. No need to rush to the nearest store to buy a donut pan or postpone your cooking. You can absolutely improvise a donut pan within your kitchen.

The best thing is that you can use a muffin pan instead of a donut pan and still end up with charming donuts. Read on to learn how you can do it.

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How to Make Donuts with Tin Foil and a Muffin Pan

Using tin foil to make donuts is easy; you start by rolling the tin foil into small cylinder-like shapes. Make sure they are long enough to give you donuts that original shape.

They should reach at least at the top of the pan.

Oil the pan and the tin foil before placing the cylinder rolls on the pan.

Pour the donut batter around the tin foil and then put them in the oven to cook for about ten minutes.

The heat should be 350 degrees, and you should only remove the donuts when they turn into golden brown.

Your donuts are ready, but give them time to cool down.

Remove the tin foil and glaze them as you wish before serving.

You can add some chocolate, sprinkle sugar, or anything that you would like to have.

Other Inserts

If you do not want to use tin foil as you insert when cooking donuts in a muffin pan, you can use glass marble.

They are available in small and large sizes, and you select what to use depending on the size of your donuts.

Make sure your muffin pan is stable on a flat counter and place the marbles on it, let every marble in the middle of the cup, and then spray it with some oil.

If you see any of the marbles rolling away, put them back in the center, and then add the donut batter.

Once you are done, pick the pan carefully and put it in the oven. Allow them to cook until ready.

How to Remove the Inserts

When using a muffin pan instead of a donut pan, you have to use inserts to get shapely donuts.

But before serving them, the inserts must be removed.

Wait until they cool down and poke these inserts out. If the middle hole has excess batter, trim it using a sharp knife.

From there, you can add any glazing you want and serve them fresh.

Substitute Donut Pan
Is there a Good Substitute Donut Pan?

Frequently Asked Questions about Donut Making

What Made My Donuts Hard?

Donuts will get hard when cooked at low temperature. It also makes them greasy with an unappealing crust.

When frying your donuts or baking them, you should maintain a temperature ranging from 350°F up to 360°F.

What Happens when Donut Dough is Left Overnight?

The dough has to be yeast-raised before it’s preserved in a refrigerator.

This is done to slow the yeast activity, though the flour will continue rising and is the only way you can leave your dough overnight and still use it to make delicious donuts.

What is the best way to cook my donuts, baking or deep-frying?

You can either bake or deep fry your donuts.

Fried donuts are made using yeast recipes, and they rise to create big donuts.

Baked donuts are small and made using baking powder for more compact delicacies.

Both ways of making donuts are fine depends on what you prefer.


What can I use in place of a donut pan? Muffin pans make the best donut pan substitute.

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