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Cooling Rack Substitute

In most cases, after taking your goodies from the oven, they need to be placed on a cooling rack. However, your cooling rack may be dirty, broken, lost, or lent away. You should not panic. Ask yourself “what can I use instead of a cooling rack” and pick from the excellent options below.

Is there a Cooling Rack Substitute in my home?

Baked foods are delicate and require you to follow the correct procedure, from the oven to the cooling rack. Leaving them in the same pan that was in the oven, they will continue to bake. But moving them to a cooling rack speeds up the cooling process, giving you the desired results.

Use an Extra Baking Sheet

If a cooling rack is unavailable, you can transfer your baked items to a cold baking pan. The procedure will speed up the cooling of the undersides of the baked items. For adequate cooling, ensure you set aside the baking pan away from the oven ahead of time.

Cool it in the Freezer

Putting your baked items in the freezer is another way to cool them. All you need to do is let baked things cool for a while after taking them from the oven, wrap them with a clean cloth and place it in your freezer. It is an effective method as it cools the baked goodies faster and eases in applying the icing.

Use a Cutting Board

Transferring your baked items on a cool cutting board speeds up the cooling process. Marble or granite chopping boards are the best surfaces to use. It may help if you first spread a paper towel to the chopping board to absorb the baked items’ extra fat. Cutting boards are a particularly good cooling rack substitute for bread, as you can cut and serve the bread right on the cutting board.

Cooling Rack Substitute
A Cutting Board is an Excellent Cooling Rack Substitute

Bamboo Mat

If you have a bamboo mat, you can use it instead of a cooling rack. Just give it a thorough cleaning and allow it to dry completely. Once dry, put your baked items on top, and they will cool off very well.

Barbecue Grill

A barbecue grill will also work as a cooling rack. It cools the baked items effectively as it allows the air to circulate freely. Ensure your barbecue grill is clean and dry before placing your baked food to cool off for desirable results. If clean, a barbecue grill makes an excellent cooling rack substitute.

Use a Plate

A large plate enough to hold your baked items can act as a cooling rack. The first step is spreading a paper towel on the plate to absorb extra oil. Next, carefully transfer your treats from the baking sheet to the cold plate and avoid stacking them for effective cooling.

Place the Hot Pan on a Cool Electric Burner

Place the hot baking pan on the stove for faster cooling. You can also place the items directly on the burner but ensure you clean the burner thoroughly. The ample space allows your goodies to cool without crumbling.

Not having a cooling rack should not hinder you from baking. You can pick a great cooling rack alternative above. They are easy to improvise, and you probably have one or two of these alternatives in your kitchen.

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