What can I use instead of a cheese grater?

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Best Cheese grater Substitutes

The Cheese grater is missing or broken and you’re stuck for options? This is a real problem considering how grated cheese can be so important to many dishes. Whether you would like to make a grilled cheese sandwich or something fancier.

There are a few cheese grater substitutes ( or close to’s) that can help out in this situation so you can continue on with your cooking activities as normal.

So here are some ways to grate cheese without a cheese grater.  let’s get started.

Use a food processor

If you require the grated texture of cheese without any specific shape, then a food processor is the best alternative. It minces the cheese finely just like it would to veggies. But keep in mind that the food processor’s excess processing may cause water separation from cheese.

However, if you are going to add cheese to a salad or as a dressing, it is okay to grate it by processing it in the food processor. It is one of the easiest ways to grate the cheese without a cheese grater.

Use a knife and chopping board

This is the most common method to chop or grate cheese without a cheese grater. Using the chopping board and knife, you can grind the cheese in any shape according to the requirement of the dish.

However, it is time-consuming, and not as easy as the other options —knives help to cut the most delicate pieces according to cooking requirements like vertical slices or horizontal pieces. If you only require a small amount of grated cheese, this is a good option.

Crumbling soft cheese

If you want to grate soft cheese but don’t have a cheese grater, crumbling is the best alternative. Fresh soft cheese is easy to grind, and you will get acceptable results. Make sure you have dry hands and only cut the required piece of cheese to crumble.

Apply the even pressure in a rolling motion by using both hands. After a few times, the cheese will convert into fine bits. If the cheese is extra soft, then the crumbling may get mushy by the pressure.

Using a fork

The fork is also the best way to grate soft cheese, but it takes a lot of effort. Forks have nice even pointy prongs that equally grind the cheese according to size. But again, it doesn’t give the equally sized cheese pieces as a cheese grater provides.

Cheese dicing

Dice your cheese up however you see fit. Once again, if you only need a small amount, like to top your spaghetti bolognese, dicing will be an easy and effective option.


Make sure you chose the right method according to the correct type of cheese. Every cheese type is different, so it requires various pressures and techniques to grate the cheese in the absence of your beloved cheese grater.

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