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What can I use instead of a canning rack?

What is the best canning rack alternative?

Food preservation is a practice that has been in existence for years, including techniques like smoking, fermentation, packing food in fat, and drying.

It is believed that Napoleon led to the discovery of food canning.

He offered a big prize in 1775 to anyone with a better method of preserving food safely and efficiently for his army.

About a decade and a half later, Nicholas Appert, a French cook, discovered the heat processing method where food is put in jars with wire and sealed with wax.

It is the first option for most people who want to preserve food.

A canning rack prevents the jars from getting into contact with direct heat. It holds the jars safely and preserves its contents.

This method of preservation is straightforward and easy for anyone to use.

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Five Canning Rack Alternatives

But what else can you use instead of a canning rack? Here are five things sturdy enough to replace your canning rack.

  • Round Cake cooling rack
  • Pressure cooker insert
  • Metal trivet
  • Steaming rack
  • Folded dish towel

Round Cake Cooling Rack

A cake rack or wire rack is used to cool baked goodies by allowing air circulation. This prevents them from becoming soggy due to condensation.

This rack can also be used instead of a canning rack as longs as it is strong enough to hold your jars.

Go for one with raised sides because it prevents the jars from falling as you move them.

Pressure Cooker Insert

A pressure cooker insert is made to help you cook various foods using the pressure cooker.

It can have a single or multi-level design that allows you to cook different foods simultaneously.

Most of them come with some pressure cookers, but it is possible to buy one separately.

They have legs that enable them to elevate whatever you are cooking and avoid putting your food into contact with direct heat.

This is the same way you can use this rack instead of a canning rack.

Metal Trivet

A metal trivet is a tripod, which is used to raise pots in an open fire.

They have three legs that stand horizontally and offer stable support as it holds a pot or dish above the coals.

It can be used instead of a canning rack when processing your canned goods.

It elevates the jars and ensures they do not come into direct contact with heat.

It allows heat to penetrate thoroughly around your jars and gives you the desired results.

What can I use instead of a canning rack?
What can I use instead of a canning rack? A Steaming Rack is a Good Option.

Steaming Rack

A steamer rack can be either electric or a basket. A steamer basket is made of metal or silicone and can be used on a stovetop.

The basket is placed on a pan or pot with water and then placed on a stovetop or in a microwave.

On the other hand, an electric steamer is a standalone gadget that works right from your countertop.

You simply add some water and the veggies to steam and before closing and locking the lid.

An electric steamer comes with a setting where you select what suits your food.

The same way you place your food in a steamer basket or an electric steamer is similar to how you place your jars for bath canning.

Check the right pressure for your food according to the recipe.

This helps you know whether you need to raise or lower to get the correct level of pressure.

Folded Dish Towel

A folded dish towel can act as a canning rack. You simply place it at the bottom of a pot or pan, place your cans on the towel, and add water.

Make sure you do not allow your pot to run out of water!

The towel will prevent the jars from getting into contact with the heat and will help keep them in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to submerge jars during the canning process fully?

Yes, you must submerge your jars when canning. You want to fill the water to about one inch above the jars so that the jars remain under water as some water evaporates.

  • Is it possible to skip the water bath step when sealing jars?

Yes, it is possible to skip this step. We do not recommend it at all, especially if the food will be stored for long periods of time.

  • Is it okay for your jars to touch as you can them?

No. To ensure that your jars do not touch each other during canning, use a canning rack or canning rack substitute from the choices above. It keeps the jars from touching the bottom and sides of the pot as well, and water can circulate among the jars properly.

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