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Substitute Bundt Pan

You can try many delicious recipes with a Bundt pan, such as fudge cakes, monkey bread, and lemon pound deserts.

What are the Best Bundt Pan Substitutes?

The Bundt pan leaves various patterns, ring shapes, and ridges on the cake’s surface, leaving them with a decorative look.

If you do not have a Bundt pan, you should not give up on having these delicacies.

You probably have items that you can use as a bundt pan substitute in your kitchen.

Some of the things you can use instead of a Bundt pan are tube pan, muffin tin, and regular pan.

What is a Bundt Pan?

It is bake ware used to prepare round cakes that have holes in the middle.

Its sides are ornamented and help to decorate and shape the dough.

The advantage of using the pan is that it spreads the heat over a large surface area during baking.

Three Top Alternatives to Bundt Pans

You should note that cakes prepared in other cookware apart from Bundt pan won’t give you beautiful curves and flutes.

However, you will have a round cake with a hole in the middle, and you can decorate it with fruit, chocolate glaze, or frosting.

The Tube Pan

Sometimes, the tube pan and Bundt pan are considered to be the same, maybe because they are similar in shapes and have holes in the middle.

However, the bundt pan is a type of tube pan. Any nonstick tube pan makes a perfect substitute for a bundt pan.

The Bundt pan has a ridged and fluted design, while most tube pans have smooth and flat sides.

The tube pan can be used to make cakes with tons of beaten egg whites with no fat in the batter, like angel food and sponge cakes. Tube pans used for these purposes are often called angel food pans or angel food cake pans.

The important thing to note, however, is that angel food pans are NOT nonstick. This is because you need the cake to “crawl” up the pan.

So, while most tube pans are excellent alternatives to a bundt pan, make sure it is not an angel food pan and that it is non stick prior to making the substitution.

Although there are differences, the tube pan is one of the best substitutes for the Bundt pan where necessary.

It is essential to know that you should choose the model of equal volume. For example, if you choose a deep pan, you will be required to bake longer.

Do NOT use an Angel Food Cake Pan for Bundt Cake! Bundt Cakes need a Nonstick Surface.

Muffin Tin

A muffin tin is one of the unusual substitutes for Bundt pan.

It makes your Bundt cake to appear like mini muffins. If you use the mold for cupcakes, you can get about 20 cupcakes from a recipe of 12-cup Bundt.

Prepare the batter, and put paper baker cups in a muffin tin.

Pour the dough. Fill about one-half of the cups to create enough space for the cupcakes to rise. Keep on checking the muffins as they bake.

If you want to know they are ready, check whether it has separated its sides from the edges of the pan.

You should turn off the oven after inserting a wooden toothpick and finding out that there is no dough sticking.

Allow the cupcakes to cool off, and you can decorate them using frosting.

See also how a muffin tin makes a good substitute for a doughnut pan.

Improvising with Regular Cookware

This is a simple way of transforming your round cake skillet into a Bundt pan.

You need to place oven-safe grass or porcelain ramekins in the middle of your pan. Then pour the batter inside.

Ensure that whatever is placed at the center, you apply butter as well as inside the pan. This will protect your cake from sticking and burning.

After you have prepared the pan, pour your cake batter without overfilling it.

The dough should surround the centerpiece and should not slip under it.


Lack of a Bundt pan in your kitchen should not stop you from making a Bundt cake recipe of your choice.

What can I substitute for a Bundt pan?

The best substitute for a Bundt pan is a tube pan.

However, you can use a muffin tin or regular cookware, when you adjust the dough’s volume and the baking time accordingly, as a Bundt cake pan substitute.

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