The Best Grill Press for Smash Burgers 2021

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A lot of us enjoy a delicious burger, no matter what you put in it. Use traditional beef, vegan, turkey or chicken, or go for the more eccentric wild or bison burgers.

Whatever your burger priorities are, you will still need the best grill press, to get the best flavor and sear on your patty.

The best grill press will ensure an even cook of the meat and the best look as well. The entire batch of burgers will look the same if you use a grill press, unlike frying pans.

Since there are so many different products available, it can be hard to find the best grill press for smash burgers unless you spend ages researching and testing.

Don’t worry! We have done all the work for you. Here is the best grill press for smash burgers that you should buy right now!

In a rush ? Here is our number 1 pick without a doubt.

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The Best Grill Press for Smash Burgers

1.       Lodge LGP3 Grill Press

Key Features

  • Pre-seasoned cast iron construction
  • Spiral cool-grip handle for a comfortable grip
  • Even heating and high heat retention
  • Can be used on a grill, stove, oven, or campfire
  • Perfect for induction cooktops

The Lodge LGP3 Grill Press is known as a fantastic grill press. It is perfect for stovetops and grills, but you can also use it in the oven and on a campfire.

It prevents bacon from curling and keeps out the unwanted grease from your meat. If you preheat the grill press, you can also decrease the cooking time significantly.

The cast iron construction is durable and will last a long time. It is seasoned with oil, which ensures that the meat releases easily.

The stay-cool handle ensures that you can handle the press comfortably and safely.

It ensures perfect cooking by keeping all the necessary juices in and keeping unwanted grease out. The meat cooks evenly, and the grill press is known for its amazing heat retention. Its a fantastic smash burger tool.

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2.CookBakeandLove Hamburger Patty Grill Press

Key Features

  • Creates premium looking patties
  • Even thickness on all patties
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Tough aluminum construction

The CookBakeandLove Hamburger Patty grill press helps you cook the burger into a premium result every time.

You will find that the burgers come out looking perfect and consistent every time. Each patty cooks at the same weight and size without any cracked or broken edges.

The grill press ensures an even cooking process that ensures the patties end up at the same thickness. It creates scrumptious looking grill marks on the patties every time.

It is extremely easy to use since you can whip up amazing burgers for all your loved ones without getting grease all over you. It is simple to clean, too, since you can just throw it into the dishwasher.

The high-quality tough aluminum construction is lightweight and sturdy. The wooden handle at the top ensures a comfortable and safe grip too.

You can even stuff your burger patty with veggies, cheese, or any other toppings, and the result will be perfection.

Even different patties like salmon, veggie burgers, turkey, black bean, sausage, or lentil can be grilled with this grill press.

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3.Cuisinart Smashed Burger Press

Key Products

  • Perfect for smash burgers
  • Locks in fats and juices
  • Heavy-duty cast iron construction

The Cuisinart Smashed burger press is used directly on the grill to smash the burger patty down to the perfect 6-inch flat shape.

It is known to be one of the best grill press for smash burgers because it has a 1 cm raised edge design. This helps to lock in all the fat and juices so that the meat turns out to be the juiciest ever.

The grill press is made from 6-inch heavy-duty cast iron, which helps to create flavorful, perfect patties every time.

This durable cast iron gives the grill press enough weight to smash the burger patties into the perfect shape. This makes it easy to use and always gets great results. The cracked, crispy edges of the burger taste superb against the juicy center. This is a champion burger smasher.

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4.Charcoal Companion CC5023 Cast Iron Burger Press

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty, solid cast iron construction
  • Heavyweight helps to smash burger to perfection
  • Raised ridges pattern creates amazing grill marks
  • 7-inch diameter can create huge burgers too

The Charcoal Companion grill press smashes burgers so that they cook perfectly. The 7-inch diameter of the grill press is able to work with the meatiest burgers ever.

The cast-iron handle ensures that you won’t feel the heat, and the raised ridge patterns on the bottom create impressive grill marks. The grill press helps to sear the meat to perfection.

The even cooking results in consistent burgers every time so that you never have a bad burger ever again. If you preheat the grill press, it can help you reduce the cooking time significantly as well.

You can also grill bacon with the press and add it to your burger for the perfect, meaty, crisp factor. The weight of the grill press presses any unwanted grease out of the meat and locks in the desired fat and juices.

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The grill presses above will help to seal in the flavor of the meat while ensuring perfect cooking. All of the grill presses above are designed to ensure the perfect sear, consistent cooking, and great results every time. They are all durable products that will help you cook the best burgers ever! Happy grilling!


What is the best spatula for smash burgers ?

Good question. And we wrote an article specifically to answer it. Click here >> The best spatula for smash burgers

Are smash burgers better ?

I would say yes. Smashing the burgers down activates certain amino acids that actually react with sugars and this amazingly can change not only the flavor but also the color of the patty.

What is the best meat to use for a smash burger ?

This really can depend on personal opinion. Angus beef is what an official smash burger uses but I’ve used everything from ground chuck steak to lean minced/ground beef.

What does smash burger mean ?

Smash burger refers to the smashing of a ball of ground beef onto a grill using a grill press to help sear all the juices. It also refers to the restaurant chain in the USA called Smashburger

What types of meat are best for the grill burger press?

A grill press for smash burger will work well with any meat though Angus beef is recommended. As you experiment with different recipes, you can try ground beef. Check out this article I wrote on the best meat mix for your home burgers

  • What is the best way to clean the grill press for smash burgers?

You can clean with warm water using regular dish soap before and after using it. Dry it well before storage, and keep it in a dry place away from moisture.

  • What size of burgers patties can the grill burger press make? How do I control thickness?

You can make a maximum of four inches diameter patty.   You can control the thickness by reducing the size of the meatball. The large the meatball, the thick the burgers.

  • Meat tends to stick on my grill burger press, and I keep on repeating to get a smooth patty. How can I control this?

Non-oily meat will stick on the burger presser. To avoid this, you can spray some oil on the side and bottom of the burger presser. You can also place a parchment paper on the meat before you press.

  • Do I have to press down the burger press?

No. It would help if you did not press at all. Just place it, and its weight is enough. If you exert pressure on it, it will push out juices from your burger, and the burger will be very dry.

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