The Best Cheese for Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Whether you like your grilled cheese sandwich to be fancier, or you prefer simpler recipes, the bread and cheese you use is the crucial part of the process. Picking the proper bread is slightly easier because the choices are simpler.

But the cheese can be more confusing to get right. Fortunately, we’ve compiled the varieties that most chefs and consumers agree to be the best cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches.

Choosing a single best cheese isn’t really the point here because opinions can vary depending on whom you ask. But there’s no doubt that some varieties work better than others.

So, to make the choice more convenient for you, our readers, we present you with the full list of the best cheese for your favorite sandwich.

The Best Cheese for Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: Our Top Picks

·        American cheese: Best cheese for a classic grilled sandwich

Admit it! You knew this one had to be on the list. This mild and creamy cheese is surely the most widely-used in grilled sandwiches.

It’s consistent enough and flavorful enough to go into any classic grilled sandwich recipe. Also, the fact that it comes sliced, packaged, and prepared for immediate consumption makes it really convenient.

Paired with your favorite bread, most consumers maintain this one is still the best cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich.

·        Brie: Best Cheese for creamy textures

If you’re using any type of French bread, Brie adds a mild flavor and distinct richness to your grilled sandwich. If you can tolerate the sticky texture, it’s a great option for a lot of recipes.

Brie cheese is affordable and easy to make. Those qualities alone make it the primary choice for a lot of people.

Sliced fruit and sprinkled nuts are great additions to your sandwich if you’re using Brie.

·        Manchego: For a Spanish grilled cheese recipe

The first thing you notice about Manchego is how firm and robust it is. You can gage the texture when you slice through it.

No other Spanish cheese is as widely used in the US as Manchego. That fact itself speaks about how loved this cheese is!

Thanks to its firmness, Manchego doesn’t get all gooey when it melts. Popular pairings with Manchego include ham, tomatoes, and chorizo.

·        Cheddar: Grilled cheese with melted goodness

Cheddar is one of the few kinds of cheese that go well with other cheese in your sandwich. You can pair it up with Fontina or Comte or other smooth-textured options.

Regardless of personal tastes, cheddar is definitely the crowd-pleaser. Available in chunks or slices, many still think of it as the best cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich.

You can throw in almost any ingredient with cheddar. Popular combos include sauce, mustard, bacon, fruits, turkey, etc.

·        Blue Cheese: Best cheese if you want to try something new

A lot of people don’t like the fact that Blue cheese easily crumbles as you try to slice it. Also, it doesn’t come pre-sliced, so you don’t really have an option.

That aside, it’s one of the best alternatives to the other more common cheese options.

It goes especially well with bread that has fruit or nuts baked into it. But plain bread will work just as well.

Common pairings for blue cheese grilled sandwiches include chicken and a clear, hot sauce.

·        Gruyere: Best Swiss cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich

No other cheese can measure up to Gruyere’s earthy, sharp, and sweet flavors. Besides grilled cheese sandwiches, you’ll find that Gruyere is the cheese of choice for many French recipes.

Gruyere can also escape a strict definition because the taste can vary depending on age. The younger varieties will offer a nutty and creamier taste.

As it ages, Gruyere can develop that familiar earthy and assertive flavor. Sautéed mushrooms or caramelized onions work really well with this cheese.

·        Provolone: Nutritious cheese for your grilled sandwich

Provolone offers a lot of high-quality protein and a host of vitamins and minerals. So, it’s a nutritious alternative for any grilled sandwich recipe.

If you pair it with fruits or nuts, it’s also a great snack for children who can use the nutrition.

It’s not really known for being the best cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches.

But it’s great if you’re considering a Mediterranean spin on your classic recipe.

Add some sliced tomatoes and fresh basil leaves for taste and vigor.

·        Colby: Like cheddar but harder texture.

Colby’s golden-yellow color comes straight from cow’s milk which makes it protein-rich and nutritious too.

For anyone not familiar with cheese types, you could easily mistake specific Colby varieties to be cheddar.

Of course, Colby is more of a semi-hard variety, so it doesn’t get as gooey as cheddar.

Shred it on your bread the next time you make a grilled cheese sandwich and add some deli turkey for extra flavor.

·        Muenster: Best Semi-soft cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich

Muenster is a difficult cheese to judge because you either love it or you can’t stand it.

As divisive as this cheese is, there’s no better alternative if you want a semi-soft variety while grilling.

The smooth texture coupled with mild flavor makes it easy to add it to most sandwich recipes.

But if you’re a fan of Muenster, you already know that! With the right age, Muenster can also develop a clear aroma and much stronger flavors.

Closing Note

It’s clear that no single cheese enjoys consensus as to the best cheese for cheese grilled sandwiches. But these are the alternatives that come closest for the majority of enthusiasts.

Whether you opt for a classic recipe with American cheese or try out a new recipe with Blue cheese, the choice is yours! Just make sure you also get the right bread to go along with it.

Check out the top picks for the best bread for grilled cheese sandwiches for more insights.

Grilled cheese sandwiches will remain a staple meal for most of us throughout our lives. Knowing which basic ingredients to choose will ensure that we have the right variety while still enjoying a classic snack!

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