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Best Buns For Hamburgers

Regardless of the burger patty’s taste or the fresh garnishing, your first bite is always on the bun.

So, any burger worth its name should have bun that can hold and bring together the different elements for that ultimate taste.

So, how do you choose the best buns for burgers? And which ones qualify as the best buns today? Read on to find out!

The best buns come with a healthy combination of both sturdiness and softness. You want it solid enough to hold the meat and ingredients yet soft enough to chew and taste the juices flowing through.

While some are light and mild, others are flavored and fresh. The best buns include types like Ciabatta rolls and onion rolls to English muffins and Pretzel rolls.

How to pick the best buns for burgers

While there are tons of bun options to choose from, knowing what qualities to look for can help you decide. Here are some culinary tips for choosing that perfect bun for your burgers.

Solid and sturdy crust

Burger recipes can vary depending on personal preference and local trends. But there’s always a juicy patty and some garnishing involved.

So, you need the buns to hold everything together and still retain its shape. Make sure your buns are sturdy enough to hold your recipe.

Best Buns for Hamburgers
Best Buns for Hamburgers

Soft and fluffy inside

While a sturdy exterior is important, you don’t want the insides to be tough and chewy. Go for a pair of buns that have soft insides.

It will ensure that the meat’s juices and flavors make their way into the buns giving you a fuller and more robust taste.

The right size

Visualize the patty sizes you want to make and pick bun sizes that can hold those patties. If you get buns that are too big or too small, you’ll end up with extra bread or extra patties. And burgers are only great when you can evenly enjoy all the bits and parts.


Depending on your patties and garnishing, having flavored buns can enhance the taste. You don’t need big, crazy flavors.

Something as simple as an onion bun can provide that perfect complement to the rest of your burger.

Best Buns for Burgers: Top Picks

Now that we know how to pick the right buns, let’s look at some varieties that normally work really well.

Remember, no single bun type will give you flawless burgers on every occasion. The trick is to learn which varieties work with your recipe.

Pretzel Rolls

Chewy on the outside but soft on the inside, pretzel rolls are great buns for burgers.

They’re similar to soft pretzels because they use the same salty dough that’s baked to an ideal golden brown.

The main difference is that you get them in bun-shaped rolls instead of traditional pretzels.

The crunchy salt on the top and fluffy bread in the middle make it go really well with your traditional beef patties.

Potato Rolls

Sturdier and firmer than your average bun, potato rolls remain favorites for any burger recipe. Bakers usually use a portion of potato flour instead of regular flour for the whole bun.

That’s what gives it that distinct yellowish bread inside and a sweeter taste when you bite into it.

Also, it’s a slightly healthier alternative compared to wheat buns.  That’s because you get more fiber and proteins in potato rolls and fewer calories compared to many other buns.

English muffin

English muffins are more commonly seen on sandwiches, but they’re also among the best buns for burgers.

The yeast-raised dough and coarse grain are part of a distinct style called griddle baking. And the taste and flavor are unmistakably great.

For added taste, try and toast the buns lightly. If toasted correctly, it will bring out the best flavors from your fresh veggies and beef too.

Sesame Seed Bun

Sesame seed buns are usually normal buns, but with some sesame seeds sprinkled on top when baking.

The sesame seeds add a distinct yet subtle taste to the burger, and they’re packed with nutrients too.

It comes with minerals like copper, magnesium, and calcium, along with vitamin B complex and antioxidants.

Thanks to the texture and mouth-feel they give, you’ll see a lot of fast-food chains using them in their burgers too.


If you get tired of the traditional round buns on your burgers, try some of the square-ish Ciabatta buns next time.

Many people agree that this shape also makes it easier to hold and keep the garnishing inside.

This Italian-style bread comes with the thick crust and robust flavors you expect from Mediterranean bread. 

And you may even see high-end joints using this shape just to stand out from the competition.

Onion rolls

You’ll easily find onion rolls in kosher markets and delis nearby. The signature flavor comes from the dried onions that are part of the bread.

Most varieties also come with poppy seeds or roasted onions as toppings. Either way, the savory taste of dried onions is sure to go well with any beef patty you create.

Try the varieties that come with sprinkled peeper or coarse grain salt for added taste and texture.

Kaiser rolls

Made from yeast, flour, and malt, the Kaiser roll is also called the hard roll or the Vienna roll by many.

This round, crusty bread comes with serrations that go outward from the center to the edges. This crown-resembling bun is, no wonder, named after Austrian royalty.

The tough exterior gives you a satisfying bite, while the soft center soaks up all the patties’ juices and sauce. So, you get all the rich flavors in every bite you take.

Final Note

To summarize, the best buns for burgers are the ones that can balance a crusty and sturdy outside with softer bread inside. Varieties like the Kaiser roll and Ciabatta rolls are great examples.

Other times, flavored varieties like Onion rolls or potato rolls can enhance whatever flavors you already have. Finally, if you’re playing it safe, you can always go for classic favorites like the sesame seed bun or a more radical English muffin if you feel like trying out a new style.