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Fish Slice Spatula Difference

How is a fish slice different than a spatula?

What is a Spatula?

First, what is a spatula? A lot of the kitchen utensils that we call spatulas are also known as turners. Check it out:

Fish Slice Spatula Difference
Fish Slice (AKA Slotted Turner) on Left, Spatula on Right

Both of the items in the photo above are commonly referred to as spatulas. The top left item is also called a turner, and, in this case, a slotted turner. Slotted turners are typically used to flip food in a pan or skillet, especially greasy foods such as hamburgers, fatty fish like salmon, and fish with skin.

For a detailed discussion about the terms spatula and turner, read this: Spatula vs Turner.

In other words, a slotted turner IS a fish slice. And, depending on which terminology you are using, a slotted turner is a fish slice is a spatula.

What is a Fish Slice Kitchen Tool?

A modern fish slice is the same item as a modern slotted turner. Take a look at this antique fish slice:

Fish Slice Spatula Difference
Antique Fish Slice Spatula

Fish Slice is an Outdated Term

If you are shopping for a fish slice and not having any luck, instead try shopping for a slotted turner or a fish turner. Fish turners are longer slotted turners that may help with handling fragile fish fillets.

For a detailed discussion on utensils like these, check out this article.

What is a fish slice kitchen tool
A Fish Turner, which is an Elongated Slotted Turner

Is a Fish Slice a Good Kitchen Tool

Yes, a fish slice is a good kitchen tool. In fact, you probably already have one if you have a slotted turner, which may also be called a spatula. If you have a slotted turner/spatula, there is no need to buy a special “fish turner”; your slotted turner works in the exact same manner.


Fish slices are great, you probably already own one but don’t know it because you call it something else (maybe a turner or a spatula), they work really well, and any slotted turner will work perfectly as a fish slice. No need to buy a special “fish” turner.

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