Spatula vs fish slice

Spatula vs fish slice

Spatulas and slicers may look similar, but they have different roles in the kitchen. They make your cooking easier especially for foods such as fish. A  spatula ensures that the tender flesh of a fish does not crumble as you flip it on a pan.

This kitchen utensil comes with a wide head, which tapers towards the spatula’s handle. It has thin edges and its slots have big spaces. But it is strong enough to support fish fillets whether you want to flip or remove it from the pan. The spatula is designed to slip under a piece of fish and the best thing is that the slots will drain oil effortlessly when you fish is cooked. However, some spatulas can flat with smooth surfaces perfect for serving and cake icing.

A fish slice is mostly used to turn foods as they cook on a pan. The foods include fish fillets, omelettes and burgers. Initially it was used to serve fish and was made of silver. Fish slice found in antique auctions is made of silver, but today, it is available in the market but created from steel. It is used to turn fish and other foods in a frying pan.

Similarities between Spatula and Fish Slice

  • Both the fish slice and spatula have draining holes. They can have long handles to allow easy use on a hot pat.
  • Apart from turning food as it cooks, the spatula and fish slice can be used to serve food.
  • The spatula and fish slice are thin and flexible enough to slip under delicate foods and maneuver in a crowded frying pan. A very stiff fish slice or spatula can ruin your foods because it is hardtop control.
  • A long handle makes it hard to control a fish slice or spatula. A handle that is firm and close to the flipper allows precision.
  • The spatula and fish slice are made of various materials that include metal, nylon and silicone.   
  • All spatulas and fish slice with wood handle cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

Differences between spatula and fish slice

  • A fish slice has slots, but a spatula can come with a flat, smooth head. This enables it to serve foods that may crumble and fall between the slots of a fish slice. But a spatula can come without slots.
  • Most spatulas come with a bevelled edge while a fish slice has a round one.

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