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Should Steak Knives be Serrated?

A serrated knife has a scalloped and tooth-like edge, ideal for cutting or slicing food with a tough exterior but soft interiors such as baguettes or any other crusty bread.

Steak Knife Serrated or not?

A knife with a serrated blade works like a saw, and traditionally it was the ideal knife to cut steak. The scallops along the knife’s cutting edge make it easy to slice steak.

According to most chefs, the serrated edge increases a knife’s sharpness, which is vital for precise cuts.

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Serrated vs straight edge steak knives
Straight Edge (Non-Serrated) Blade Steak Knife

Straight edge, non-serrated, blades have a tendency to push on the meat that is intended to be cut, rather than slicing.

While the serrations make for an excellent steak knife, sharpening a serrated blade requires professional skills. This has made many people struggle with dull steak knives despite having a serrated blade.

Serrated vs non serrated steak knives
Serrated Blade Steak Knife

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In summary, while a serrated blade makes the best steak knife, it may be challenging to keep serrated blades sharpened. Some brands allow you to send knives back to the factory for sharpening, and many high end kitchen stores offer knife sharpening services.

Excellent Steak Knife Sets, Serrated and Non-Serrated

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