Sliders vs. Burgers

Sliders vs. Burgers: How Do They Differ? There is nothing like a good old food fact discussion. The difference between a slider vs a burger has been a hot topic of debate amongst many food critics and amateur foodies alike. We looked it up, and some of the findings may surprise you. What makes a … Read more

George Foreman Grill vs. Air Fryer

George Foreman Grill vs. Air Fryer: Which One To Go For? One cannot simply resist the immense pleasure of eating perfectly charred meat right off the grill. Convenient tools such as indoor grills and air fryers are perfect for those living in an apartment complex or in colder climates. That’s due to the absence of … Read more

Chicken Burgers vs. Turkey Burgers

chicken or turkey burger

Chicken Burgers vs. Turkey Burgers: Which one is better? Chicken and turkey burgers are fast showing up on restaurant menus and homemade recipes. The personal reason may vary from person to person. You may be following a diet that requires you to avoid traditional red meat. Or you may simply be in the culinary mood … Read more

Frozen Burgers vs. Fresh Burgers

Frozen Burgers vs. Fresh Burgers: Which one to go for? Whether it’s fast-food chains or from your own kitchen, burgers come in a wide range of varieties. And for people who regularly enjoy indulging in a nice, juicy burger, you want your burgers to taste good, be easily available, and be affordable. To tick all … Read more

Prime Rib vs. Sirloin Burgers: Which one is better?

Burger recipes can range from classic favorites to radical culinary experiments. And no other ingredient gives you as much opportunity to try out new things like the choice of meat. While ground beef may be the easiest choice for some, prime cuts are also favored by many. And choosing from a prime rib vs. sirloin … Read more

The Best Buns for Burgers: How to pick and which ones to try

burger buns

Regardless of the burger patty’s taste or the fresh garnishing, your first bite is always on the buns. So, any burger worth its name should have a pair of buns that can hold and bring together the different elements for that ultimate taste. So, how do you choose the best buns for burgers? And which … Read more

Lettuce Alternative For Burgers


Lettuce Alternative For Burgers: Other Greens That Go With Buns There’s no doubt that lettuce is the most common green you see in burgers. And it’s mostly because fast-food chains and eateries use it because it’s cheap and easy to store. But business and commerce aside, what other leafy toppings can you add to your … Read more

Benefits of Using a Potato Ricer

mashed potato

Benefits of Using a Potato Ricer Most of us are weary of kitchen tools that claim to be better than they really are. But once in a while, a tool comes along that genuinely adds comfort and ease to the kitchen. And the potato ricer is one such tool. Many people see a potato ricer … Read more

Chopsticks vs. Knife and Fork

Chopsticks vs. Fork and Knife: Which one is better? When it comes to a choice of whether you prefer the fork and knife set or a pair of chopsticks, the conclusions are endless. But a lot of people dismiss it citing cultural factors or personal preference. So, the majority’s mantra is that you prefer whatever … Read more

Can You Use Chicken Thighs Instead of Breasts?

chicken breasts on a plate

Chicken Breast Vs. Thighs. Important things to know While a whole roasted chicken can be great, there are times when you have to pick between meat cuts. And the two prime cuts you usually pick are either the breast or the thighs. But can you, say, use chicken thighs instead of breasts in cooking? Here’s … Read more

Substitute for Cream Cheese in Cheesecake


Need a Substitute for Cream Cheese in Cheesecake? Here are the Best Alternatives! There’s no doubt that part of a cheesecake’s delectable and mouth-watering taste comes from the cream cheese. So, some might wonder if, in the absence of cream cheese, is it really a cheesecake? Well, for those of us looking for a substitute … Read more