What is a Saucepan and what is it used for ?

This is an interesting question to answer, the word itself seems to infer a pan used for cooking sauce, right? ahh, Sauce-pan. Well, yes and no. Simply put, The Saucepan is used for cooking things, over a stove or other heat source. Liquids are the most common use for the saucepan, with sauces, stews, and … Read more

How Much Does a New Garbage Disposal Cost ?

How Much Does a New Garbage Disposal Cost ? Hi Folks, Lets cut to the chase. You need to replace your Garbage disposal, or get a new one. How much is it going to set you back? Of course that depends on things like size and quality. There are many cheaper ones that may drive … Read more

The Best and Quietest Garbage Disposal in 2021: Reviews + Buying Guide

Very few kitchen appliances can make your life as easy as a garbage disposal. Rather than having to constantly throw away scraps (which fills up your garbage can quite quickly) you can instead just put them in the garbage disposal. It also makes things like washing dishes in the sink a lot easier. However, given … Read more