Can You Use Chicken Thighs Instead of Breasts?

chicken breasts on a plate

Chicken Breast Vs. Thighs. Important things to know While a whole roasted chicken can be great, there are times when you have to pick between meat cuts. And the two prime cuts you usually pick are either the breast or the thighs. But can you, say, use chicken thighs instead of breasts in cooking? Here’s … Read more

Substitute for Cream Cheese in Cheesecake


Need a Substitute for Cream Cheese in Cheesecake? Here are the Best Alternatives! There’s no doubt that part of a cheesecake’s delectable and mouth-watering taste comes from the cream cheese. So, some might wonder if, in the absence of cream cheese, is it really a cheesecake? Well, for those of us looking for a substitute … Read more

What is a Basting Spoon Used For?

Basting Spoon Uses and Information Guide Regardless of whether you’re the town’s seasoned chef or someone just starting to dabble in the kitchen, knowing your cutlery and cooking implements are a must. After all, a cook is only as proficient as the tools and recipes that are at their disposal. Out of all the cutleries … Read more

What is a rubber spatula used for?

   What is a rubber spatula used for? A rubber spatula is one very versatile kitchen utensil. The rubber spatula uses include stirring, mixing, scraping mixture from the bottom of bowls and blenders, and much more. The addition of the rubber spatula to the American kitchen made life a lot easier for the home cook and … Read more

Kitchen Twine vs Regular Twine

The culinary world is full of items that are necessary in order to create amazing dishes. When it comes to the preparation of meat items and especially poultry, the ability to truss and stuff wouldn’t be possible without  Kitchen twine. What Is Kitchen Twine? Kitchen twine also commonly goes by the name Butchers twine. Kitchen … Read more

Which Fork Is The Salad Fork?

which fork is the salad fork? In the world of cutlery, it can be very confusing which piece is meant for which dish, and what exactly goes with what. Not only this but we also must know the exact placement when setting the table. This article sets to answer all those questions and more to … Read more

Grated Carrots vs Shredded Carrots

Grated carrots vs shredded carrots When looking through recipe books, we tend to encounter differently worded ingredients with names that can mean different things. For instance, today I was looking through a recipe book that asked for the use of shredded carrots. I usually grate my carrots but I wondered, whats the difference between grated … Read more

Can I Use Sour Cream Instead Of Cream Cheese?

Can i use sour cream instead of cream cheese? Yes, you can use sour cream instead of cream cheese. It has a tangy taste that adds a delicious twist to your sauces, cakes and dips and other dishes. It is thick and sour due to the bacteria produced by lactic acid. This is what enriches … Read more

How To Tell If a Burger Is Undercooked?

How to tell if a burger is undercooked – 3 Simple methods! Your burger is not fully cooked just because it has sizzled for a while on the grill. It is not easy to tell if a burger is undercooked because it can be brown inside sometimes but undercooked. Depending on the type of meat … Read more

Hamburger Vs Burger – What’s The Difference?

Hamburger Vs Burger – What’s The Difference? The difference between a hamburger and a burger is not straightforward. You have to look a little deeper to see it. The burger is actually a general term, while hamburger specifies a burger filled with a patty made of meat. This snack is filled with a roasted patty … Read more

Substitute For Parmesan Cheese – Solved!

8 Substitutes for parmesan cheese you may have in your kitchen! Parmesan cheese is a unique food that is dry and hard. It is originated in Italy and makes a great addition to most meals. Whether you are making pizza, pasta or any other food, parmesan cheese adds an excellent touch. The unique thing about … Read more

Substitute for Mirin and Sake-8 Great Options!

mirin and sake

Substitute for Mirin and Sake Mirin and sake are for people with buds that are enchanted by rich and unique flavors. Mirin gives your food a mildly acidic flavor. It is a sweet rice wine from Japan and a common ingredient in most Asian recipes. Sake is a product of polished wine. This Japanese wine … Read more