What is a Sieve Used for in Cooking?

Super Fine Mesh Sieve

A sieve is a type of strainer made of mesh. Mesh is a net-like structure with evenly placed pores. What Types of Sieves are Available? Sieves are available in various sizes and shapes and are made of different metals like stainless steel or aluminum, resin, silicone, fiber, or cloth. Sieves made of fiber or cloth … Read more

What Can I Use Instead Of a Wok?

Wok Substitute

A wok is a valuable tool in the kitchen that every chef should have. Is there a Wok Substitute in your Kitchen? However, if you lack one, you can achieve the same results with a nonstick frying pan (that is wide and flat), a skillet (which most people already have at home), or a sauté … Read more

Cooling Rack Substitute

Cooling Rack Alternative

Baked foods are delicate and require you to follow the correct procedure, from the oven to the cooling rack. Leaving them in the same pan that was in the oven, they will continue to bake. But moving them to a cooling rack speeds up the cooling process, giving you the desired results.

Hard Boiled Eggs With Baking Soda

baking soda boiled eggs

The boiled egg is one of those foods that will always have a place in the American diet. It’s an easy-to-cook treat and a fairly cheap one at that. There are however some tips and tricks that can make this a much easier process than it already is. Why do you put baking soda in … Read more

What Is a Slotted Spoon Used For

What is a Slotted Spoon used for?

A slotted spoon can be defined in simple words as a spoon with holes. It is a spoon required in every kitchen because of its unique uses. These spoons have round, long rectangles or vertical openings that are close to each other. What Is a Slotted Spoon Used For In The Kitchen ? Use include … Read more

Best Spatula For Omelets

Best Spatula for Omelets

If you are looking forward to making perfect omelets, a good spatula is an essential tool. These spatulas are available in wide varieties; but they may differ in sizes, prices, designs, and other modifications. The Best spatula for awesome omelets you need in your kitchen today Related: Spatula vs Turner Every spatula has unique features … Read more