Nut Milk Bag vs Cheesecloth – Comparison

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Almond milk is becoming a staple in today’s, environment conscious world. It makes a big difference if you’re making it yourself too!

To make this a successful venture youre going to need nut milk bags or some cheesecloth.

So let’s square the 2 off and get the referee ready ….the long-awaited dual that many have been waiting for is finally here … Nut Milk bag Vs Cheesecloth

Before we jump in and look at the difference and what you should choose … let’s look at the 2 opponents separately.

What Is Cheesecloth ?

Cheesecloth is a gauze-like cotton material that is mainly used in cooking. Particularly cheese making. ( hence the name) Its main purpose is for straining.

What is a Nut Milk Bag ?

A nut milk bag uses a material quite similar to cheesecloth. It usually has a drawstring and is commonly used for straining liquids without letting checks get through.

Nut Bag Vs Cheese Cloth – Whats the difference ?

So, as you can see the 2 items in question are quite similar!

The big question here is what the difference? The main difference right off the bat is that cheesecloth is meant for use with cheese whilst nut milk bags are used for straining nut milk.

The next difference is thread count. Thread count means exactly what it sounds like. The amount of thread used in the material.

With that being said, nut milk bags offer a more finer filtraition than plain cheesecloth.

Nut Milk Bag Advantages

As mentioned above nut milk bags are stronger because of the thread count. This is always going to lead to a better quality strain, and if you have some these are going to be your best option ( depending on what youre using it for )

Nut milk bags are going to be fairly easy to clean, which is a great benefit. They need to be cleaned regularly for the simple fact you may want to reuse them, plus for simple hygiene purposes.

Cheese Cloth Advantages

Cheesecloth comes in many different graded so you can always find one that is the right size for your specific task.

Cheese cloths versatility is another big benefit here. You can really use it for any job in where you need to strain something. Another big plus is that you can reuse cheesecloth as long as you keep it clean


Based on the comparrisons above, its clear that Nut Milk bags are better in most areas and are recommended in this case. The truth is though, it really just depends on what you need it for.

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