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Nut Milk Bag vs Cheesecloth

Making Almond Milk at Home

Almond milk is becoming a staple in today’s environmentally conscious world. It makes a big difference if you’re making it yourself too!

To make this a successful venture you’re going to need nut milk bags or some cheesecloth.

What Is Cheesecloth ?

Cheesecloth is a gauze-like cotton material that is mainly used in cooking. Particularly cheese making. Its main purpose is for straining.

What is a Nut Milk Bag ?

A nut milk bag uses a material quite similar to cheesecloth. It usually has a drawstring and is commonly used for straining liquids without letting solids through.

Nut Milk Bag VS Cheesecloth
Nut Milk Bag

Nut Milk Bag Vs Cheese Cloth – Whats the difference ?

Nut milk bags and cheesecloth are quite similar and are often used for straining solids out of liquids.

However, they were created for different purposes.

Cheesecloth was developed to separate solid cheese from liquid cheese byproducts. It works very well for this purpose!

Nut Milk Bags were developed specifically for straining solids out of nut milk, including Almond Milk.

Because of these different purposes, they differ in three main ways:

Nut Milk Bags offer Finer Filtration

Because many of the solids that you are straining out of nut milk are hard and potentially sharp nut shell shards, it is important to strain them all out of the finished product. Therefore, Nut Milk Bags offer finer filtration than cheesecloth.

Nut Milk Bags are Typically Stronger

Nut milk bags need to be stronger than cheesecloth to resist the shell pieces in the unstrained nut milk and also because making almond milk or other nut milks will require more squeezing than cheese making or other typical uses for cheesecloth.

Nut milk bags are made stronger with higher thread counts than cheesecloth, and sometimes with stronger nylon materials as well.

Nut Milk Bags have a Drawstring

This drawstring helps the user to achieve the appropriate amount of squeeze during straining, and is one of the reasons that nut milk bags need to be stronger than cheesecloth.

Nutt Milk Bag VS Cheesecloth

Nut Milk Bag Advantages

  • Stronger, less likely to break
  • Durable, last longer
  • Higher thread count, finer strain
  • Drawstring, better squeeze for better strain

Cheese Cloth Advantages

  • Available in many different grades
  • Cheap
  • Reusable
  • Great for many uses beyond making Almond Milk


Nut Milk Bags are much better for making nut milks, including almond milk. Cheesecloth is a very useful item to have, and you can use if for making almond milk, but you will wish you had some nut milk bags.

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