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Most Popular Burger Toppings

The power of a home cooked burger should never be understated.

The smell of the onions cooking and other topping being prepared is enough to make your mouth water.

Burgers toppings determine how it tastes when its eventually ready for consumption. You can try out various ingredients and until you find you favorite combinations.

It takes some outrageous toppings ideas to make that fiery burger. Here some of the toppings you should try out:


You may be hesitant to add bacon topping in fear it will clash with the ground beef already in the burger.

But, the flavor that comes with bacon is unique and makes your burger crunchy and tastier. The fried strips absorb all the good juices giving the burger an explosive taste.


It is not a coincidence that cheese is the most considered burger topping. Melted cheese gives your burger the savoring taste that your taste buds need.

Although American cheese is commonly used, there is a variety of cheese to choose from, such as vegan and blue cheese.


When you want to balance the grilled meat and ketchup flavors, add fresh crunchy lettuce leaves. Although as a topping, it is not a standard option for many, probably because it doesn’t have much flavor..

Do not hesitate to add lettuce to your burger as it makes it more nutritious and looks healthier and simply better with the green leaves.


Onions, whether freshly chopped or deep-fried they are one of the best burger toppings. Raw onions add a spicy and crunchy taste among the beef patties.

Fried onion rings, on the other hand, bring a unique taste that is not worth missing. So if you are debating whether to include onions as a topping, it is a yes from me.

Most Popular Burger Toppings and Condiments


Whether sliced thick or thin, just like lettuce, tomatoes add a refreshing taste to your patty alongside mayonnaise.

It is advisable to eat your burger while the tomatoes are still crunchy. Soft tomatoes detract from the burger, taking away the ultimate good taste of the original burger. There are also more tips on choosing the best tomatoes for burgers here.


Pickles are in our list of toppings as they are considered a sacred ingredient to many. Pickles’ presence on burgers is easy to identify because of their salty taste, which gives the burger a unique taste.

When snuggled under cheese pickles and ketchup, they give the burger a crunchy awesome taste. ( Think Cheeseburgers)

Pickles secrete acid, which cuts through the heaviness of fatty beef and cheese.

Once you taste a burger with pickles, you will never want to miss it in your burger or youll never want to taste it again. Its seems to be a real love it or hate it situation.


Avocados as a topping make your burger healthier. It adds a new flavor and gives a refreshing taste to an otherwise bland burger.

You can opt to slice avocado and put it on top of your burger, but this comes with a mess. To avoid the slipping mess, mash the avocado to make guacamole.

Spread it on your burger, and it will act as glue to hold everything together.


Having an egg on your burger has been a controversial topic. Specific percentages of people do not like using an egg as a topping on a burger as it feels overly rich, and some hate the mess of stream yolk running down your chin.

While on the other hand, some people love having an egg as a topping. Whatever your reason is, there are several ways to cook an egg when you want to use it as a topping.


Chili cheeseburgers are standard, but you have to be in the right mood to eat them. It has a spicy taste you cannot avoid. Chili is a preference that will differ from person to person.

Apple Slaw

Apple slaw is a delicious and sweet addition to your burger. They are so many apples during the high season that you may not know how to utilize them.

Use them as topping for your burger for an explosive flavor. ( popular, but not my cuppa tea)

Peanut Butter

Those who love burgers know the magical change that peanut sauce bring. Peanut also adds fats and texture that makes a burger crunch and enjoyable to eat.

Most Popular Burger Toppings  --  Pineapple Burger!
Most Popular Burger Toppings — Pineapple Burger!

Grilled Pineapple

Pineapple makes an amazing topping for pizza, and the same goes for burgers. However, it must be prepared with thin pineapple slices that are marinated with something salty. This adds savory and reduces the sugar taste in your burger.

Basil Butter

Basil butter can be made in large amounts and frozen for long-term use if you want to enjoy a tasty burger throughout the year.

When you sauté, the veggies in the butter will taste fresh, giving you a delicious burger. No one can tell they have been frozen for weeks.


You may have thought you were adventurous enough by switching from ketchup to bacon, but now you have seen a variety of toppings you can use for an outstanding burger.

Avoid taking bland and unappealing burgers and explore the different toppings. They are fairly easy ingredients that you can find in your local grocery store.

Best condiments for burgers

Condiments are additives such as spices or a sauce added to food before or after cooking to bring a specific flavor. Burgers have different flavors depending on the condiments added.


Ketchup is the oldest and most common condiment that many people consider adding to burgers to bring that savory flavor.

You can use it as a dipping sauce or spread it across your bun. Both ways give the burger a new taste.


Mustard, on many occasions, is associated with hot dogs, but it is an excellent additive in burgers.

Mustard is available in two colors; yellow and brown. The original yellow mustard paired with a freshly toasted burger can be a great base. Spicy brown mustard is not common, but it is also a good condiment for your burger.


You can create a variety of sauces using mayonnaise by adding different spices. The condiments can be spread on the buns bringing out the best in a bland burger.

Sriracha Butter 

Sriracha butter can be served with other foods such as chicken but also works perfectly with burgers.

You simply spoon it on a burger, and it will add some rich flavor that you cannot find in other ingredients. It is a highly versatile condiment that you will find a way to use.

To prepare the butter, heat a saucepan at medium temperature to melt butter and whisk it in salt, sugar, and lime juice to make sriracha butter.

Allow the mixture to cool and store in a tightly closed for up to one week.

If you have been limiting yourself to ketchup and mustard, you can now try out different condiments when making burgers.

Spicy Mayo

Spicy mayo transforms your burgers, sandwiches and sushi. You can use it as a dipping sauce and it can also become your favorite burger condiment.

It is easy to make in your kitchen by whisking lime juice, mayonnaise, and seasonings such as taco or Cajun.

You can store it in the fridge, and it will be safe to eat for up to a month.  Make sure you keep it in a tight container or just wrap it properly using plastic wrap.


Guacamole is made from mashed avocados mixed with minced onions, fresh garlic, chopped tomatoes, Serrano peppers, salt, and lime juice.

This condiment is also used as a Mexican appetizer and adds rich flavor to your burger.

Glazed Onions

It is easy to make glazed onions. Heat a big sauté pan on medium heat and wait until the oil heats. Pour the onions onto the oil and allow them to cook for about four minutes.

Stir them until they turn brownish, continue cooking for three more minutes, and add balsamic vinegar and brown sugar until they start to caramelize.

Add some wine and allow the onions to simmer for up to three minutes before seasoning with pepper and salt.

Crock Pot Queso

The crockpot queso is made in the slow cooker, and it’s a combination of minced jalapeno, Velveeta, milk, Cotija, cayenne, salt, and paprika.

Leave it to cook between one and two hours till it becomes bubbly. Garnish it with cilantro and use it with your burger fillers.

Classic Bolognese

Use a saucepot to oil, specifically olive oil, using medium-high temperature. When hot, add garlic, onion, and some salt.

Allow it to cook for about ten minutes and keep stirring. Once they are cooked, put your ground beef and give five minutes to cook before adding some crushed tomatoes.

Mix this with milk and grated Perino cheese and stir them to make your burger condiment.

Condiments are tasty and the easiest way to spice up your burger. You can venture beyond your tomato sauce and make unique condiments for your burger.

 Try some of these and decide which one will be your favorite.

They are all easy to prepare and made of ingredients that you can quickly find in the kitchen.

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