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Kitchen Shears vs Scissors

Many families own a pair of kitchen scissors, but such a standard tool can be inadequate for a specific cooking job. On the other hand, sharp kitchen shears are an effective alternative to culinary scissors. They have more significant, more substantial handles and blades, which can cut with impressive precision.

The best kitchen shears can cut thick rope and paper and perform other tasks like cutting herbs, pizza, and through fibrous vegetables. They can also cut through meat and into bones due to their strong, sharp blades. Solid and sharp edges with ergonomic handles are essential. Shears also have other tools, such as a screwdriver, bottle opener, or nutcracker, built-in.

Kitchen Shears vs Scissors

Kitchen shears and scissors are not interchangeable.
Kitchen shears and scissors are used for different purposes.

Kitchen shears vs scissors are two different tools, although they are often considered interchangeable. While their structure is similar, their weight, build, and functions contrast. However, some individuals do not know the difference between both tools. They may also use them for reasons other than what they are made to handle.

Read further to determine how both tools are similar and different, and how to distinguish one from the other:

Scissors are cutting tools essential for many tasks, providing precise cuts through light materials such as string, paper, foil, thread, twine, cloth, and tape. Scissors are often available for right-handed or left-handed people, based on the angle of the blades. A cut is made when the closely-spaced blades move next to each other. In some instances, the blades don’t even have to be that sharp.

On the other hand, shears are larger and heavier than scissors. The handles are often padded or rubberized to cushion the user’s hands while working. Furthermore, the blade is usually longer than six inches, allowing precise cutting and slicing. Shears are ambidextrous.


In most cases, kitchen shears and scissors have a similar appearance. While they have two sharp blades with a crisscross design, the handles are slightly different.

The primary purpose of kitchen shears and scissors is also similar in several ways. While the blades can cut edibles and vegetables, they can also cut cardboard and clothing evenly.


Shears are usually ambidextrous. The handles of kitchen shears often have an embedded bottle opener with serrated edges, essential for removing stubborn jar lids and bottle caps. Scissors don’t have such a tool. In addition, there may be a flathead screwdriver protruding from one of the handles on the shears.

Many scissors do not allow you the option to disassemble the blades. Meanwhile, nearly every shear is able to be taken apart for a more effortless, less time-consuming washing procedure.

Do You Need Kitchen Shears?

Kitchen shears are a useful tool.
Most kitchens should have kitchen shears.

Every household can benefit from a decent pair of kitchen shears. They are made to use daily, whether to open crisp packs or chop herbs. They are also quite useful for cutting pizza. Additionally, they’re simple to clean and put in the dishwasher. A decent-quality pair of shears can last many years, even if cleaned consistently by hand.

Features to Consider When Buying Kitchen Shears

Not all kitchen shears are the same.
Several factors come into play when selecting kitchen shears.

Several factors are crucial when searching for kitchen shears, mainly due to their contrasting functions compared to scissors. Read on to determine what to look for while shopping for a high-quality tool.


Most kitchen shears are several inches long, providing leverage for tedious cutting tasks. However, they can be challenging to handle if they are too large. Finding the right balance between your hand size and strength may require longer or shorter shears.

Cleaning and Sanitization

Quality modern kitchen shears are made with stainless steel blades, which won’t rust. Once you have used them, you can separate the blades for cleaning.

Treat the shears as you would your knives – don’t knock the blades against other metal or ceramic so the blades don’t dull. If you used them for paper or vegetables, then prompt handwashing is recommended.

If you use them to cut through poultry or other items susceptible to bacteria, then you must handle them with care.

First, prevent cross contamination. Once they make contact with raw chicken or other meats, you must not use them on other foods until they have been cleaned.

Dissemble them, remove any solid bits, and then wash them in the dishwasher. You can use the sanitization cycle on your dishwasher for thorough cleaning.

Dry the shears to prevent water spots and discoloration.

Unique Handles

Shears can sustain demanding tasks and require users to apply significant pressure to their handles. If the handles are slippery when wet, they can make shears unpleasant or dangerous. As a result, cutting mistakes and injuries can occur if users lose their grip. Therefore, consider searching for handles with an ergonomic contour and a rubber or textured surface for extra padding and efficient gripping.

Unlike scissors, kitchen shears allow you to remove your fingers out of the loops, preventing twisting and pain. Also, you can switch hands if you’re left and right-handed, which is rare. The bigger the shears, the wider the loop, allowing room to move your fingers around.

Separate Blades

Some shears can be disassembled by removing a screw at the pivot. The method is helpful for a thorough cleaning, drying, and sharpening of dull blades. Although separate blades aren’t a requirement, they allow easier handling and maintenance.

Ambidextrous Handling

Most, but not all, shears are manufactured to be ambidextrous. If you are left handed, you will have to check the specifics of each shear to find out if you will need a left-hand version.

Effective Performance

Shears are helpful for many reasons, and some are obvious. Whether breaking into a stubborn package or cutting twine for trussing a roast, kitchen shears are an incredibly versatile kitchen tool. We think that they are, in fact, essential. Shears cut precisely and can slice various materials without much effort. While they are made specifically for food, they are versatile and a useful tool, mainly when you want to perform a nearly perfect cutting procedure.

One typical culinary application is cutting apart meat, particularly beef or chicken. Shears for the kitchen commonly feature one jagged blade and one sharp blade. They can grip the skin and cut safely into a bird. While standard knives can help with part of the task, they aren’t an efficient substitute for shears.

What Are Some of the Best Kitchen Shears?

Kitchen shears can handle a variety of tasks in the kitchen. While they are safer than knives, they can also cut through thick turkey bones and separate ribs. Shears are also cost-effective because whole chickens are less expensive, and you can cut them into pieces with good shears.

Best Selling Kitchen Shears – iBayam Alloy Steel All-Purpose Utility Shears

Kitchen Shears vs Scissors.  iBayam Alloy Steel All-Purpose Utility Shears
Kitchen Shears are Typically more Durable than Scissors

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IBayam Alloy All-Purpose Utility Shears are a popular cutting tool in many households. Made with stainless steel blades, this pair of kitchen scissors are ideal for a wide range of cooking tasks, including cutting shrimp and slicing Cornish hens.

Affordable Kitchen Shears – ONEBOM Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears

Kitchen Shears vs Scissors
Versatile Kitchen Shears

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The ONEBOM Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears function as a nutcracker, bottle opener, and can opener in addition to cutting meat, chicken bones, and vegetables. The stainless blades are rust-proof, and corrosion-resistant. Both right and left-handed chefs will appreciate its ambidextrous construction.

Along with the kitchen shears, you get a pair of herb scissors that will enhance your meal prep.

Break Resistant Handles – Henckels Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears

Kitchen Shears vs Scissors
Some Kitchen Shears are made by Famous Knife Manufacturers, such as Henckels

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You can’t go wrong with scissors made by a knife manufacturer. This pair of heavy duty scissors has heavy duty handles that won’t break even on your toughest jobs. The blades are micro-serrated, which won’t slip while you cut.


The are many reasons why kitchen shears are indispensable in your kitchen. They are helpful when opening packages, cutting twine, cutting through poultry, pizza, and more.

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