Is a Toaster Oven The Same as a Convection Oven?

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Many appliances look similar and have similar names. This can sometimes make it difficult to tell what from what. Especially with the way, marketing teams try to put new spins on similar products.

Todays questions from a reader is… is a toaster oven the same as a convection oven?

When it comes to judging the differences between a convection oven and a toaster oven, it’s all about the fan. Convection ovens have a fan, and toaster ovens do not. A toaster oven is also more versatile but much smaller than a convection oven.

Now, we must look at the 2 appliances individually.

I know it’s cumbersome and you don’t want to have to read about what is a toaster oven, what is a convection oven, so we will keep that reasonably brief.

What is a toaster oven?

Simply put, a toaster oven is an advanced model of the best regular toaster. Retails with extra features. Such as broiling and roasting, making it a more viable choice in the kitchen if you value versatility.

Compared to a traditional toaster, a toaster oven uses high-quality, high-temperature heaters, which are already generally placed on the bottom or top of the appliance.

These elements will warm the surrounding air in the appliance and then the air used for baking, broiling, or toasting.

Compared to a standard toaster, the toaster oven is also easy to use, and practical.

It lets you cook a wide variety of dishes, from pizza slices and vegetables to small chicken pieces and cakes.

What is a Convection oven?

Convection ovens,  as well as fan-assisted ovens, work from conventional ovens.

Although most conventional ovens rely on oven wall radiation and natural convection to transferring energy to food, convection ovens have such a fan that blows hot air into the oven to cool food quietly and thoroughly.

This function makes a convection oven quite effective and cheaper than a traditional oven.

Convection ovens are all the same size as traditional ovens, and they use for baking bread, pies, and cakes, roasting or broiling meat, cooking bowls, reheating pre-cooked food, toasting, and browning.

It means that unlike a toaster oven, the best convection oven heats the surrounding air first and afterward.

The built-in fan included in the moves the hot air from around the oven to cook your meal evenly.

This cooking method is very beneficial if you hate unevenly cooked meals.

Yet, if you prefer a meal that has already grilled, or toasted until it is crisp on the surface, then this is appliance is just for you.

In the next section, I will try to cover the main difference and similarities of both appliances.

Convection Oven vs. Toaster Oven | Similarities and Difference  

Just like we discussed, toaster ovens are mini-ovens with some extra features, such as defrosting.  They use high-temperature heating elements. Usually put on the top and bottom, which warm up the air, and we’ll use our oven for toasting, broiling, and baking.

They are practical and straightforward to use so that you can make all kinds of food in them. Whether it’s salty or sweet, and cleaning is also speedy.

And on the other side, Convection ovens, or the Fan-assisted ovens, are similar but still different from both the Toaster ovens.

First, they work by heating the air, then using a fan, the hot air travels from around the oven and cooks the food.

This approach of cooking food helps in producing evenly cooked food. If you need anything cooked, well roasted, grilled, crispy, this oven is right up your alley.

Energy consumption

Due to the method used by both appliances to prepare your dishes, they both have very different levels of energy consumption.

The toaster oven does not include a fan that blows hot air around, and this will take a little more time to heat up than the convection oven.

It also means that the toaster oven can use considerably more power.

Cooking Temperature

The temperature you are using to cook your meal would obviously be something to pay attention to because it depends on the two ovens.

Toaster ovens have a high-temperature heat source installed inside the oven.

So, the temperature will be similar to that used in a regular oven.

Since before the hot air circulates as well as the heat is while inside the oven. You will need to set the temperature 23 degrees below the recommended temperature.

The time you’re preparing your meal is 1/4 shorter than what has been written in the recipe. It might not always be these figures; it depends more on what you’re cooking.

Safety and maintenance

Make sure you’ve got both appliances out of the reach of children if you’ve any in your home.

The exterior surface of too many convection ovens and toaster ovens seems to get too hot during operation, meaning that anyone would have burn injuries if they come into contact with the appliance.

You could still find a convection or toaster oven with such a cold, touching exterior surface, which ensures that it no regardless of how long you’ve been using the appliance, its interior isn’t hot.

But when you’re done cooking your food, let the machine cool down and clean it right away.

Is a Toaster Oven the same as Convection Oven? Our Recommendation

Pretty much across the board, if a large meal is to be prepared in a short time, a convection oven seems to be the way to go.

Small to medium-sized work, from cooking a dozen cookies to cooking a little toast, a toaster oven has a lot to offer the modern chef.

To build this comprehensive comparison article, if you just want to choose one, I highly recommend selecting a convection oven.

This appliance will do everything the toaster oven could do, plus it has the bonus of the built-in fan. It would also save you a lot of money on energy costs in the long run.

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