Is a Juicer the Same as Blender?

There is a misconception that juicer is the same as blender. A juicer and a blender are two entirely different kitchen appliances.

These two confuse shoppers who want to make a glass of liquid from vegetables and fruits in their kitchens and end up with a gadget that makes smoothies.

It is important to know the difference between the two so that you can make the right choice.

It is a real minefield trying to decide between a juicer and blender.

Many people are in a dilemma whether to go for a blender that promises to blitz vegetables and fruits, releasing nutrients while retaining essential fiber, or a juicer that extracts the best juice from your food.

This article will help you find out whether you should buy a juicer or blender.

What’s the difference between a juicer and Blender?

Both are two different kitchen appliances with other purposes.

They both process delicious veggies and fruits into a tasty, nutritious drink’ however, the way they do it, and the results are different.

A juicer’s work is to separate the fiber from the rest of the vegetables or fruits, leaving only the juice to drink. You discard the fiber pulp.

This makes it easy to pack more vegetables or fruits per cup, and you obtain all the nutrients and vitamins in a digestible form.

Blenders process the whole vegetable or fruit, together with the fiber making a thick drink known as a smoothie.

The drink takes a long time to digest. You get all the nutrients, although they get released slowly. It keeps you feeling full for hours.

Juicer or blenderwhich is the best to buy?

The enthusiasts of blender say that juicer is wasteful.

On the other hand, keen juicers argue that juicing is the best way to obtain all the nutrients from their ingredients.

There is no right answer since both devices have benefits and downsides and are vital in a healthy kitchen.

The benefits of a juicer

  • Fast absorption- After the juice is extracted; the indigestible fibrous pulp is left behind. You are left with diluted juice, which is easily absorbed by the body.
  • Easy digestion- The digestive system can easily digest liquid content since there is no fiber. It is suitable for those with digestive problems since no essential nutrients will be missed out.
  • More goodness in one pack- The juicer removes bulkiness in a drink, allowing you to pack vitamins and nutrients from various vegetables and fruits in one glass.

The benefits of s blender

  • No waste- The fibrous pulp is not thrown away since the blender processes everything, which means more health benefits for your body.
  • Slow release of energy- It takes long to digest fiber, releasing energy slowly and evenly. This helps your body from experiencing sugar highs and lows, making you full hours after taking it.
  • Aids digestion- The fiber from vegetables and fruits act like a broom that sweeps to clean your digestive system. This elevates regular eliminations, and toxins are also removed.


The debate of whether to blend or to juice will always be there among healthy eaters.

You might go for one over the other depending on the factors discussed above.

However, a well-equipped kitchen can have a place for both to enjoy all the benefits.

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