How To Use A Grill Pan For Vegetables

How To Use A Grill Pan For Vegetables:

Grill pan not only helps you to prepare tasty meals but also to increase your meal’s aesthetic value. Even if you may have a real grill at home, grilling vegetables is easier done on the pan.

You can cut your vegetables into smaller pieces, and they will not fall off the grill grates into the charcoal midway. The only difference is the heat for your grilling comes from the pan’s ridges and not directly from the fire.

You can prepare your vegetables on a grill pan by preheating and brushing the pan with oil before use. As for the rest, you can use the pan like you would use any other regular pan. The following will guide you in detail on how to use your grill for vegetables:

Using the Grill Pan on a Grill:

Be it sweet potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, or mushrooms, slice or cut them in the sizes you want. Pour and mix all the dressing of your choice on your vegetables and marinate them for some hours.

If you are using the grill pan on the grill grates, preheat the grill until it is very hot. Also, preheat the pan on the grates with some oil brushed on it.

You can take out your marinated vegetables and drain the excess oil. Place them on the pan, making sure each piece touches the base of the pan.

Do not overstuff the vegetables because you want to make sure each piece gets those nice lining marks on them.

That gorgeous mark is one of the main reasons you are choosing to grill. Close the lid of the grill and let it cook.

Turn the vegetables from time to time until cooked, and that is it. Season the vegetables and serve!

Quick Tip: Allow the vegetables to cook until they are a little charred. It depends on your taste buds, but a little charred grilled vegetable heightens the flavor and aroma to another level.

Grill Vegetables with Grill pan without a Grill:

Preheat your grill pan on the stove. Make sure the grill pan is hot before you start spreading the marinated vegetables. Stir the vegetables occasionally and season the vegetables when they are cooked.

Concluding Note:

Grilling vegetables using a grill pan is very simple, quick, and demands significantly less effort! The best thing about using a grill pan is you will not lose your food dressing on charcoal.

They cannot drip away and, therefore, will stay on your pan and keep seeping into your vegetables. You can use them on stoves, inductions, and the grill itself, making it very versatile.

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