How To Tell If a Burger Is Undercooked?

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How to tell if a burger is undercooked – 3 Simple methods!

Your burger is not fully cooked just because it has sizzled for a while on the grill.

It is not easy to tell if a burger is undercooked because it can be brown inside sometimes but undercooked. Depending on the type of meat and cooking method.

At other times, the burger may look red or pink but is 100% cooked. Many things determine the color apart from the temperature.

However, you must ensure that a burger is thoroughly cooked before eating it.

How Check If Your Burger Is Done?

There are three good methods to check if your burger is done. They include:

Instant Thermometer

Using a thermometer is the easiest way to check if a burger is done. This ensures the meat in your burger is cooked at the right temperature. Choose a digital thermometer because it’s easy to use and comes in handy for various foods, including roast steak or chicken.

Plunge the thermometer in the middle of your burger and on the sides to get a correct reading.

For example, if your thermometer reads 120°F the doneness of your burger is rare, medium-rare reads 130°F, medium-rare reads 140°F, medium-well reads 150°F and anything above 160°F indicates well done.

According to FDA, you should cook the ground beef up to 160°F. However, avoid cooking more than 160°F as it loses its taste and quite dry.

Cutting into a burger

If you do not have a thermometer in your kitchen, remove the burger from the grill or pan and cut it. If the middle is pink, it’s a rare burger.

It is better to cut and see how your burger looks inside than guessing.

The only downside is that you end up with mutilated burgers as you try to slice them and see if they are cooked.

The Finger Test

This method is not for everyone; it’s considered by some as a little macho. You have to practice to get your ability spot on.

However, it is easy when you know-how, and one of the ways to cook neat burgers. You also do not have to always have a thermometer handy once you learn how to use the finger test method.

To use this method, you press the meat with a clean finger to gauge its doneness. The firmer the meat, the more done it is.

You can use your palm’s flesh to compare and know whether your meat is undercooked or not.

You do this by holding the left hand up and using your index finger from the right hand to press the flesh pad on the left palm. . From there, bring the left thumb and your forefingers together before touching the flesh pad of your palm again.

It will feel firmer, which is similar to the firmness you get in rare meat.

To know how medium-rare cooked food feels, touch the left thumb with middle fingers and for medium-well, touch the left thumb and ring finger.

Finally, for a well-done burger, touch the left thumb with the pinky finger. These are easy ways to use your finger to test, and you can if the burger is undercooked.


After placing your patties on a pan or grill, wait for them to cook. Avoid pressing them down and wait until one side is cooked before flipping them. If you still cant tell cut into your own burger to make sure.

Using the above tips, you can quickly tell when your burgers are done. Fully cooked burgers are not only tasty but also safe for consumption.

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