How To Store Canned Food After Opening

How To Store Canned Food After Opening

Since time immemorial, the process of canning and preserving food has helped humans preserve food from season to season. It has helped to import and export a place’s delicacy to another without losing its original taste and texture.

You wake up on a chilly winter morning and crave some non-seasonal fruits or vegetables for breakfast.

What is your option? Yes, preserved canned foods are! Isn’t it amazing to get to devour juicy and delicious summer peaches in a dry season?

These canned foods can stay fresh for a considerably long period when stored properly even after opening.

What you can do is freeze them after repackaging the content. Follow these steps to store the leftovers of your canned food properly after your first serving:

Before Opening:

First things first, before opening the can, make sure that you have cleaned the container well. Open the can with a clean opener.

You do not want to invite bacteria into your food as soon as you open the can. Protect them so that you can keep them longer. Well begun is half done.

Transfer The Food To An Airtight Container:

Canned paneer, button mushrooms, sardines, and other foods can be preserved for a long time if you store them properly.

You can take the stored food from your fridge after some weeks, prepare them for lunch or dinner and devour it. They will still be delicious as they were supposed to be.

Once you have opened the can, the worst thing you can do is putting the can back into your cupboard.

Moving the leftover food from the opened can to an airtight container preserves the freshness of the food.

Save the Liquid Solution:

The liquid solution that comes with the food plays a significant role in preserving the content for an extended period.

Save them and transfer them to the airtight container along with the food. The liquid helps in protecting the food color, taste, and texture of the food.

Place Your Resealed Container In The Corner Of Your Fridge

You store a lot of things in your kitchen fridge – vegetables, juices, snacks, etc. This means you will keep opening your fridge door from time to time to get those.

Each time you open the fridge, the container where you transferred the canned food will be exposed to warm temperature.

This can shorten the shelf life. To avoid that, you can place it at the back of other things in the deep corner of your fridge.


Many people believe that canned foods have lesser nutritional values than fresh ones.

No matter the belief, almost every household has at least one canned food in their kitchen cabinet and fridge. They are too helpful to be avoided.

Opened canned food can escape the wrath of scorching summer sun and stay fresh longer if you store them properly.

Now, if you have an opened canned food somewhere in your kitchen cabinet, make sure you repack your food. Keep them away from heat and moisture.

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