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How to Make Thin Burgers on the Grill

Burgers are delicious and some of the best snacks that anyone in the western world can think of. The thickness of your burger generally depends on your preference.

How to Make Thin Burgers on the Grill

In general, a burger may be defined as a sandwich, and to get the best one, you should know how to balance your ingredients.

Whether you want to use ground meat, veggies, or molten cheese, you can choose to make thin burgers.

Perhaps you are trying to emulate your favorite burger joint at home?

To prepare a tasty thin burger on a grill, add the burger toppings proportionally, keeping in mind a burger is not all about the patty.

How to Make Thin Burgers on the Grill
Thin Burger

Steps in Preparing a Thin Burger

  • The first step is heating the iron pan over medium heat. Rub butter around the pan to form a coating.
  • Divide the meat into four equal proportions, shaped in mounds, and season each independently with salt, garlic powder, or any other additive.
  • Place one meat mound in the pan at a time and smash it using a spatula.
  • Cook for about three minutes, then scoop and flip using the spatula. Add cheese now and leave it in the grill until the cheese melts; that’s about 2 to 4 minutes.
  • Put two patties on a hot pan or grill, turn them and brown the meat for a few seconds. Repeat the same process with the remaining burgers.
  • Place the cooked burgers onto toasted buns and ensure the bottom half has other fillings as per your preference. Serve the burgers immediately after this.

Tips in preparing thin Burgers

  • Make thinner patties

When preparing patties, make them as thin as possible. Thin patties imply the burger will be thin automatically and allows you to cook them well on your grill.

  • Flipping once

Flipping a heating patty on a grill can be tempting, but too much flipping affects the searing process. Searing occurs in the presence of heat, giving your burger the flavor.

  • Check on temperature

Thin patties do not require too much heat to cook. Your cooking heat should be medium.

  • Get the right beef

Purchasing low-fat burger meat may look healthier, but little fat compromises the taste. To avoid affecting the taste and eating healthy, make a thinner patty and get organic, humanely raised beef.

  • Seasoning

For the perfect taste, add seasonings proportionally. Seasoning will give the burger the flavor that hits you immediately you take a bite.

  • Shaping it right

To get a perfectly shaped patty, use a lid from any jar, but a peanut butter lid is the best. The lid brings out the perfect size and shape for a burger.

Making thinner patties instead of one thick patty is more desirable. Thinner patties will ensure your burger is not all about beef but accommodates all other ingredients.

Remember to buy a good grill because it will also determine the outcome of your thin burger.

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