How to Make Hamburger Patties Stick Together and prevent shrinkage. Tips and Tricks

Would You Like to Make your homemade Hamburger Patties Stick Together?

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than a burger that just falls apart as you’re cooking it. You serve it up onto the bun in pieces, apologizing to the folks who are eagerly awaiting the tasty burger.

” I don’t know what happened, the burger just fell apart” you say grimacing. We’ve all been there and it can be quite frustrating.

Its important to know how to make hamburger patties stick together for a flawless, yummy, and delightful hamburger.

But How do you make hamburger patties stick together? Read on to find out.

  • Use cold ingredients

Frozen patties do not fall apart because they are extremely cold. The colder the ingredients, the more they will stick together.

However, there is no need to freeze the patties to make them stick together. You can place them in the fridge for a few minutes or as long as it takes you to get ready to cook the hamburgers.

Mix the ground beef with other ingredients and shape your hamburger. Place them on wax papers before putting them in the fridge; this will keep the patties stuck together when you finally cook the hamburger. ( it helps them stay together whilst cooking too)

  • Do not fiddle with things

You should handle the patties as little as you can. When you start shaping them, form the shape of a burger without squeezing harshly.

Too much molding can make your burger fall apart later. Remember to put the hamburgers in the fridge before cooking.

  • Just a few flips

A cold burger remains solid even after it’s cooked. However, avoid flipping it too often, as this can lead to crumbling.

Allow it to cook for about two minutes on each side before you flip it, and you will end up with a perfect burger.

  • Add eggs

If you are not sure that your patties will hold together, add one or two eggs to make them stickier. Cooked eggs act as a binding agent and hold your burgers together.

  • Use a pan instead of a grill

A pan ensures your burgers do not fall apart compared to a grill. The pan’s solid bottom holds your hamburger together. However, a grill cannot support a mushy burger or prevent it from breaking down.

  • Do not use liquid ingredients

If you love sauce, it may not be a good idea because it makes them fall apart. Instead, use solid flavorings, and you still end up with a delicious hamburger.

You should use spice blends and use your sauces when the burgers are cooked. You can enjoy your favorite flavor and still have a burger that stays together.

Common Reasons That Likely To Make My Burgers Fall Apart

  • You probably used too low temperature while cooking

This is a common mistake for many people. When you cook at a very low temperature, you are probably just warming the burger and not cooking the patties.

You need to use a higher temperature to stimulate the Millard reaction where protein and sugars add up an aroma.

Also, high temperature is needed to form a crust that encloses juice and adds flavor to your meat.

  • You did not chill your burger meat

Your hamburger patty made of beef is likely to fall apart if the meat is kept at room temperature. Usually, beef has a lot of moisture.

Though you need to dehydrate the patty, don’t remove all the moisture since its needed to add flavors to your patty.

  • Common mistakes

Some burgers are said to break apart due to reasons attached to common mistakes. When meat stays for a long time at room temperature, it will cause your burgers to fall apart. This is why you should chill your burgers before cooking them.

  • You probably used too much ingredients.

Using too much beef is not good. It makes the burger too full and increases the chances of breaking down when steam is generated during cooking.

How to keep burger patties from shrinking?

  • Choose Lean Meat That Does Not Have Any Moisture

Lean meat contains less moisture when compared to fatty ones. So there will be less shrinkage. Though keep in mind, leans meats will require moisture from other ingredients to help them stay together.

  • Temperature

While cooking, don’t be in a hurry, and make sure you cook at a moderate temperature. Moderate temperature plays a significant role in avoiding shrinkage and adding flavor to your meat.

Most likely, you will want to cook the burger on the grill. If so, then don’t close the lid if your grill has one because this elevates the temperature. If your hamburger gets bigger after cooking, you’ve done well.

  • Patty size

If you form your original patty’s sizes in a way that you would like them to be after cooking, you are not doing it right. Make larger patties so they shrink down and fit on the burger bun nicely when cooked.

  • Fat

The leanness of your meat determines how much it’s going to shrink. You might want to use different types of meat but make sure you use lean meat to avoid shrinking.

If you are using meat with a high amount of fats, just be aware they’ll likely shrink more.

Now you know how to prevent hamburger patties from falling apart and shrinking while cooking. Just follow the instructions above, and hopefully, the burgers come out just the way you like.

And who knows, maybe your new nickname around town will be “burger king” or Burger Baron.

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