How To keep Shredded Cheese From Molding

How To keep Shredded Cheese From Molding

If you are a cheese lover, you already know how they add that extra yummy flavor to almost every recipe.

The best way to keep shredded cheese from molding is to keep it frozen. The following tips will guide you step by step on the best way to prevent mold growing on your cheese:

Maintain Hygiene:

While opening the package for its first use, do not touch the cheese with your bare hands.

Scoop out the amount you need with a clean spoon or handle the cheese with clean gloves. This will prevent you from introducing microorganisms to the cheese.

Use Cheese Paper or Parchment Paper:

Let the cheese paper absorb moisture by wrapping it around shredded cheese. Most microorganisms cannot survive without moisture.

Bacteria multiply happily on moist food. When you do not let air in, you’re helping your cheese hang in there longer with no mold.

While letting cheese breathe, this prevents unwanted circulation of air that brings in bacteria.

Many people usually wrap their cheese tightly on plastic bags and seal them before storing it in the fridge. This method is a huge mistake.

Cheese suffocates inside the tightly wrapped plastic bags and tends to absorb the plastic flavor.

You do not want it to taste like plastic when you bought a lot despite the heavy price tag.

For people who might not want extra expenditure, you can simply wrap the cheese on parchment paper or a paper towel.

They work well enough. Make sure to replace them from time to time to ensure efficiency.

Transfer the wrapped Cheese To A Container Or Plastic bag:

Keeping wrapped cheese in plastic bags or a plastic container helps retain the moisture of the cheese. Plastics are indeed bad for cheese.

However, once you have covered them, the cheese or parchment paper saves the cheese from absorbing that plastic flavor.

Just make sure that the plastic bag is partially sealed to give space for the cheese to breathe. Also, replace the plastic bag from time to time.

If you do not wish to use plastics, you can use aluminum foil to cover the wrapped cheese before refrigerating.

Label the Cheese and Refrigerate:

Use a marker and label the cheese container with the date you wrapped it for storing. Once labeling is done, keep the container in your refrigerator.

Labeling will remind you when you need to replace the paper towel with a new one.

It will also remind you when you need to throw them away if it has been there for long.

Following these steps will prevent your shredded cheese from molding for a considerable period. However, it is advisable to buy only what you need.

Freezing the cheese somehow dehydrates or changes the texture of the cheese.

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