How To Clean an Indoor Electric Grill

How to clean an indoor electric grill

The most significant task after a party is cleaning up. As you enjoy your sumptuous burgers or steak and toast drinks with your friends and family, have a cleaning plan. This is the case with electric grills. Like every cooking pot or appliance, the grill plate must require cleaning after use. 

The modern models are dishwasher friendly, but you have to be careful to remove the different parts before loading them in the dishwasher. Here are some simple steps that can guide you on how to clean an indoor electric grill.

Step 1

The electric grill uses electrical power. It would help if you unplugged first before you start the cleaning process. Let the grill cool down to avoid injuries but wash it while it is still warm.

Step 2

Pick your soft cleaning pads or brush, warm some water, and get ready with your dish soap. Do not use steel wool or harsh scrubbing pads because the warm water will remove the grease easily. Metal scrubbing pads are dangerous when applied to clean the rill. If a small piece of the scrubber gets into the electric parts of your grill, it can damage the internal components.

Step 3

You can start by cleaning the power cord because food debris may fall off as you are serving or cooking. The warm sponge will clean off grease from the cable and avoid submerging the power cord in water. Wipe it dry and store it away from moisture.

Step 4

Wash the grill plates, and make sure they are warm. You can remove leftover foods using a wooden or plastic spatula. Do not scrape off aggressively. If the dirt is stubborn or burnt, let it soak in water for a few minutes. The grill plate has crevices that can hide dirt, and you have to check around the edges for any food debris.

Step 5

The grilling plate is greasy and requires thorough cleaning. But you cannot immerse it in the soapy water. You can use a damp sponge with a little dish soap to wipe the oily plate until it is clean. Wipe the surface repeatedly with soap, rinse off the sponge, and clean off the soapy water from the plate.

Step 6

Pull out the drip tray and pour out the contents. This tray holds excess water or broth that drips from your food. You can wash it in the soapy water until the grease comes off.

Step 7

Place all the removable parts in the dishwasher, but checkout with the manual before you do this.

Step 8

Dry all parts of the electric grill using a paper towel. Assemble all the pieces after confirming that there is no food debris in the grill plate.

Step 9

Store the grill in a dry, airy place until you need to use it again.

Products You Need to Clean Electric Grill

The most basic cleaning product is dish soap. But you can use additional cleaning agents when washing your electric grill for better results. Here are three extra mild home cleaning you can consider.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is an essential product that you stock in your pantry for baking, but its alkaline nature also makes it a good detergent. Baking soda cleans off greasy dirt and can be helpful with the oily grill plate or dripping tray.  Here are some steps to follow when using baking soda for cleaning your electric grill.

  • Start by dusting the grill with the baking powder to cover the surface with a thin white layer of the powder.
  • Use a low-pressure sprayer to dampen the powder without washing it off. The baking powder will start sizzling when it comes into contact with water.
  • Leave it to soak for about two minutes, and then you can then wipe off the grill with a soft cloth that will not scratch its surface.
  • Rinse the cloth again and repeatedly wipe off the grill until it is all clean. Rinse off so that you can store the appliance away, ready to use for another day.


Vinegar is a natural product processed from acetic acid and ethanol. It has a high PH, which makes it acidic, and suitable for cleaning off stubborn dirt without destroying the surface. Here are is a guide on how to use vinegar to clean your grill.

  • You can purchase any time of vinegar, even the fruity flavored one.
  • Mix one part of vinegar with one piece of vinegar. You can get 5oomls of vinegar to mix with an equal amount of water to make one litre of the solution.

Transfer the mixture into a sprayer, and sprinkle all the inner surfaces

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