Grilled Cheese Sandwiches – 8 Interesting Things To Know

Grilled cheese sandwiches are a staple in most American homes. The ease of preparation and simple deliciousness is one of many good reasons.

However, there is far more than meets the eye to these simple snacks and thats the topic of todays article.

So lets delve into the delicious world of the grilled cheese sandwich and reveal all there is to know.

When was grilled cheese invented ?

Upon careful research, it seems that there isn’t an exact time that can be singled out as to the invention of grilled cheese.

One thing that is clear though is that it became very popular during the 1920s. There is no doubt that the idea spread quickly as this snack gained popularity around America.

the popularity had to do with the invention of pasteurized cheese by James L. Kraft. The new Pasteurized cheese was important because it stopped spoilage during transport. A major problem during the early 1900s.

The combination of cheap loaves of bread and relatively cheap cheese collided to envoke this rise in consumption

In fact, according to The Navy cooks during WW2 cooked countless grilled cheese sandwiches for the sailors.

Of course, considering the affordability of the ingredients, one would imagine this to be true.

Why is it called grilled cheese?

Its a rather usual thing for people to wonder about grilled cheese versus toasted cheese.

In American literature, the use of the term ” grilled cheese” seemed to come about during the 1930s specifically in regards to the appearance of recipe titles published in cookbooks.

This can be attributed to the rise in the use of electric portable grilling machines, which were a helpful tool for American Housewives at that time. Making it quick and easy to whip up snacks for the whole family.

Where did grilled cheese originate?

France. According to the grilled cheese sandwich or similar variants were on menus in France dating back to 1910. Although different sources say similar recipes date back as far as ancient Rome.

All about National grilled cheese Day

If it wasn’t yet apparent that the grilled cheese is an American staple, this should leave no doubt. National Grilled cheese sandwich day is on April 12.

This is the day to get your melt on and celebrate the simple yet scrumptious goodness that is the grilled cheese sandwich.

In fact, a survey conducted by ask your market found that 78% of those surveyed had a fairly positive feeling towards the grilled cheese sandwich.

15% were found to be neutral and on 7% actually disliked the widely beloved grilled cheese.

What is the difference between a grilled cheese and a melt?

This is one of those questions that’s up for interpretation. The standard thought is that a grilled cheese sandwich is simply bread with one or 2 varieties of cheese cooked in a sandwich. However, if you add more ingredients it becomes a melt.

Is Grilled Cheese healthy?

Although a favorite amongst the populous, the grilled cheese sandwich should be considered a sometimes food, and cant really be considered healthy.

It should be known that the average grilled cheese sandwich contains around 290 calories.

The calories can really start to add up when combining bread, cheese, and butter. The grilled cheese sandwich can be made healthier with the addition of nutritious ingredients according to

Is there a grilled cheese world eating record?

Yes, there is. The record stands at 47 grilled cheese sandwiches consumed. Amazingly, these were gobbled down in just 10 short minutes.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Sells for $28,000

Now, this is one of those truly fascinating situations. A lady who had a 10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich in her possession claimed it to have held the image of the Virgin Mary upon it.

The item unbelievably sold for a whopping 28 thousand dollars on eBay making news around the world at the time. Check the article and picture out here

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